Duck Hunter 3000 Overly Elaborate Primitive Fish Trap Fed Me For 87 Days [Part 1] (87 DAYS Ep. 5)

Duck Hunter 3000 Overly Elaborate Primitive Fish Trap Fed Me For 87 Days [Part 1] (87 DAYS Ep. 5)


I finally did it I made the duck hunter 3000 again. This overly elaborate primitive trap was on of the key Components to my staying feed and well during that 87 days Alone in Patagonia. This is a grate primitive fish trap that will get your line out further into the water with little effort once it is built. I have always loved building primitive traps and while i was on History’s Alone show i combine manny traps together at timesto create my own new creations. I never wanted to be a survival Expert or anything I just Study was bushcrafting and primitive traps as a way to the rodents that got into my garden. And this primitive fish trap was the combination of many ideas I had over the years. Primitive skills combine with the recourses at hand were a key part of my survival strategy out there in Patagonia. Primitive traps also provided A big part in my entertainment. Designing and redesigning primitive traps In primitive fish traps To keep my mind occupied Made it easier to be alone.

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  1. Wait if he's alone how does he have star bucks and wonder if he just goes home to sleep then goes back out to where everything was. But still very great mind love ur vids

  2. Donovan Soldevila

    I love when my shirt shows my nips too

  3. The fist determonator

  4. SS Harvester

  5. Vito Capodaglio

    You are super smart!!

  6. In the UK we call that an otter board and are generally illegal

  7. dude, dont worry about talking too much, you do great, and are super natural at the things you do!

  8. KewlKid Elijah XBOX PLAYZZ


  9. you can make a lots of slingshot using that board

  10. The duck hunter 5000 catches cleans and Cooks your fish

  11. I like it. But seems kinda pointless worth the “motor” as it went out 4 feet lol was it more just a time killer and keep you busy? I feel you could of just swam out and left it and swam back. No hate at all that thing was awesome

  12. when you outweigh somebody by 70 lbs, catch 50 more lbs of fish than they do, and they almost beat yo anyway, you're doing nearly everything wrong. 50 lbs of fish is 35 lbs of edible flesh, 650 caloies per lb. 24,000 calories. A lb of bodyweight is about 3000 calories. So, in effect, you started with 80 lbs of advantage over Carleigh. You have claimed that you could have lasted another 2 weeks. You averaged losing over 3/4 lb of bodyweight per day. So in 14 days, you'd have lost another 10 lbs. So, in effect, had you not outweighed her by 70 lbs, she'd have been you in half the time. That means that what you did was wasteful/ineffective and you beat her only by LUCK. That's not good, hope you're learning a lot.

  13. if you take one of Chief Aj's slingbows with most of your arrows featuring flu flu fletching and 4-tined fishing heads, you can make 2 fishhooks out of each tine. Take the fishing kit as 1 single hook and 8 treblehooks, 4 of which are BIG, for catching wolves, big cats, coyotes, Make treblehooks, using the snare wire, out of the tine-hooks, too. Trebles are much more likely to score, especially when the bait's not dissolving in water and being nibbled away by minnows. You should at least have made small net and tarp bags for your bait to prevent some of that loss.

  14. Elizabeth Hurlock

    what are you drinking?

  15. you wasted a half a day on a bull shit boat like a little kid that would not catch a fish even if a fish bit it how would get it if it floated way out in the middle you going to swim and get it then find it had a 1 inch minnow on it just cut a limb and put a line and hook on it and fish with better results than wasting your time building a boat that inefficient wasting all that engereny what a waste of time

  16. PNW Sports Stuff

    How do you retrieve it?


  18. Mate i saw you win alone. What a way to catch a fish though

  19. You made the spinning thing too small

  20. Curious how this does compared to one of this woven fish traps and the simple pit traps. Saw people easily catch a lot of fish with them in videos. Wouldn't give you the same mental benefit since it doesn't take a long time to make. You did so well with the mind game by being so industrious and making up that wizard story. A lot of wisdom to all that

  21. That coffee cup….

  22. Honestly ur one of the few YouTube's that talk a lot but isn't annoying, ur very entertaining

  23. Adult comedy

  24. Why can't you just push it out into the water or use a long stick?

  25. It's ingenious, but it would also be nice to see one made with all wildlife material. For example, imagine one does not have the rubber band. I think it might be possible using twine made from the dogbane, where a weight is put up high, and the rope is wrapped around the axle of the paddle. Then, it would spool out as the weight slowly drops down. Something like that.

  26. Alexandru Cvasniuc

    That shovel is more loyal than some girlfriends

  27. Alexandru Cvasniuc

    Fake log ,,fake weights’’

  28. What brand made that shovel

  29. Paska editti vitu juntti

  30. Ahhh shit. I haven’t watched season 3 yet lol

  31. The backyard Bushcrafter

    Ha ha he is wearing a sports bra

  32. thanks tir knowlg

  33. Oliver Valdemar From Larsen 7 Ubberud Skole

    Make a kanu trip

  34. This thing is ingenious

  35. Fletcher William Clausen

    SS= steam ship

  36. EchoPlazaTeam west


  37. the greatest outdoor invention in the middle of woods survival anyone has ever seen. Really fun to watch.

  38. You the man!

  39. Chizzle My Nizzle

    Dude do you were a bra?

  40. Put a sail on that thing and watch her fly!

  41. good work S.S FISCHIEF.

  42. S.S. Kingfisher? OOPS! I just watched the catch and cook pizza vid, I understand why you named it Sparrow :).

  43. I think with longer paddles you could get it out farther. Or forgo the paddles as they cause drag and just shove it out with a long pole. Regardless, genius idea.

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