Duck Hunting 101 – Shotguns (Benelli, Stoeger, Mossberg)

Duck Hunting 101 – Shotguns (Benelli, Stoeger, Mossberg)


Just a basic review of some of the shotguns I use for duck and goose hunting. My personal shotgun is a Benelli Nova while my father shoots a Stoeger m3500. They are both great shotguns that throw very good patterns out of the box. There are a lot of factors when trying to find the best shotgun for your money so you really need to consider all your options and what you’re looking for in a shotgun.


  1. good review kid

  2. A semi automatic is semi automatic

    A pump, is a pump action. Two completely different mechanics

  3. Trey Hartshorne

    I completley agree with your pump opinion they are amazing I have two semis but I love my mossberg 535 it’s had more rounds through it than any other pump I’ve ever seen and it still runs strong

  4. Ian Williamson

    So there is no difference between a pump and a automatic?? Who knew

  5. Theduckhunter50

    Haha jokes on you, I have an 870 and it kicks like nothing to me but great review this helps

  6. HENDRIK Le Grange

    both semi and full auto are both automatic, no fault in calling it an automatic

  7. Hayden Harvey

    On the grip the stoeger piece on the handle is not there. That happened to mine yesterday because I shot a lot of skeet yesterday and I had to superglue it back in ,it’s the stoeger m3020. I liked the stoeger so much I’m gonna buy the stoeger m3000.

  8. Hunter Spivey

    Browning A5s suck mine won't eject 3 in a half

  9. HerrenGamingNews

    Dude you do know that there’s a difference between automatic and semiautomatic right

  10. Out Fishing Your Bass

    If you're looking for a good gun, fairly reasonable gun, and reliable gun. I bought the Winchester SXP and love it! It helps with the pumping cycle. (Something to do with inertia) and it shooting great! The only other gun I'd use is my SX4 but then I feel I shoot too much lol

  11. What part of va do you live in

  12. Cpayne6000gaming Cp

    Can we go hunting together I'm in Long Island va

  13. You have to break in Stoeger M 3500 with three boxes of 3 & a half-inch shells or 3 inch

  14. Hi , would it cycle well with this Federal all purpose load ammo from walmart?

  15. Love the videos keep it up I shoot a benelli nova and love it very reliable and think I will stick to it for a long time

  16. Carson Fishburn

    I use apump

  17. Finess Fishing

    Never tried a super nova but I did have a pump (don't remember the gun) but every time I I went to pump it I had to point it at the ground to chuck it, go so tired of that pos, btw I paid 550 for that pump. Sold it and bought a bennilli m2. Love it to pieces and I've only had one problem with it (was a user error). Left handed shooter is the only reason why I. Bought it

  18. Tyler Bessine

    Stoegers jam so much and suck! My dad shoots a nova you'll love them. Pumps if you have enough buy a semi automatic. I shot pumps for 4 years and was sick of chucking them. The nova pumps kick a lot. I bought a sx3 love it buy that if you have the money I traded guns in too that were entry level youth guns

  19. Hayden Harvey

    Good thing I still have a month of duck season

  20. Hayden Harvey

    Did you get any this morning

  21. Hayden Harvey

    All the shotguns I've shot always had the safety behind the trigger it doesn't bother me

  22. Hayden Harvey

    About 60 came in there to land

  23. Hayden Harvey

    I shot a drake and he got cover with the shot and he didn't act like nothing was wrong with him and he flew off

  24. Hayden Harvey

    That was my first duck hunt and my first duck I have ever killed

  25. Hayden Harvey

    I killed a hen wood duck this morning

  26. Hayden Harvey

    Go to my channel I made a video on it so go check it out

  27. Hayden Harvey

    I have the stoger m3020 and I'm going duck hunting my first time tomorrow but I do all other kinds of hunting and it cost 700

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