Duck Hunting 2016 – Episode #2 : “Wood Ducks Out the Wazoo”

Duck Hunting 2016 – Episode #2 : “Wood Ducks Out the Wazoo”


Our duck hunting season has come back in, so I headed out into a Virginia swamp/flooded to try and bag some wood ducks and mallards. I was using my kayak which concealed me very well and allowed me to get back in where the ducks wanted to be. I ended up bagging 2 Woodies, a drake and a hen, but saw way more that I just couldn’t get a shot on. Hope you enjoy..


  1. ever get a banded woody from michigan ?

  2. The Iowa Plainsman Outdoors

    Nice. I just started kayak hunting this year and it's a good time.

  3. Where are you

  4. when your trying to call a wood duck make sitting sounds not flying

  5. Easyrider Pappy

    Awesome,,, Nice Woody .

  6. southeast virginia?

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