Duck Hunting – Afternoon Mallard Shoot in a Transition Slough

Duck Hunting – Afternoon Mallard Shoot in a Transition Slough


A North Dakota duck hunt that is a transition slough between the roost and the feed field.


  1. ГОЛОДНЫЕ???

  2. Michael Mortara

    The sound of whistling wings

  3. слева долбоеб, всю охоту проспал

  4. "Get up!" To the other person hunting. "Who me?" Lol

  5. Doubtful, I don't shoot without plugs. Not surprised somebody has that much time on their hands though…

  6. good duck hunt but @ the end u shot 4 times that's illegal can only have 3 shells in the gun for waterfowl

  7. nice. I hate mallards.

  8. What do you think of blind side shells?

  9. chandler venters

    Great video guys! Man this has got me riled up and ready for duck season! Good video great to see people enjoying the sport!

  10. xXViperKingXx

    Nice shooting man!

  11. xXViperKingXx

    You are awesome!

  12. nice. I hate mallards, I hate their green head. I hate their orange feet. God I hate them so much. Can I hunt mallards with a 50.c Gun?

  13. the wingbeats @ 1:50 reminds me of sitting in the duck blind…. awesome feeling

  14. awsome video guys great shooting cant wait for season to be here

  15. Thanks man – great to hear a positive comment from a fellow duck hunter….hard to come by nowadays!

  16. garratt Brannock

    Good duck hunting man

  17. I also left another comment that apparently didn't make it up. It said, "Excellent camera work, very good shooting. But could do without the potty-mouth language."

  18. Only criticize vids that need it. I also compliment the vids that deserve compliments. Better luck next time.

  19. So all you do is watch videos and criticize? I looked at your comments on other videos, you should get out hunting or something and chill out.

  20. Don't get me wrong; the camera work was excellent, the shooting was very good….but the potty-mouth language was off-putting.

  21. I really respect the three wing-spinners. Not.

  22. Gentlemen's hunt – you should try it. 😉

  23. Only 1 guy shooting?? "what now" "yea" lol sounds like a brother in law

  24. i really respect the way you guys hunt and pick out the drakes. quality video guys!

  25. and p.s pick them up by the heads

  26. i would appreciate it if you replaced the "f" bomb with saying "silly little goose"

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