Duck hunting is not difficult to get into. My video demonstartes the basics.


  1. Trying to start this year

  2. Eric Freimuth

    I wish more people like you were out there duck hunting.

  3. Frank scalice

    great video !

  4. The Bob Ross of duck hunting …

  5. Dalton Jerabek

    Great video, very good info… Just starting to duck hunt and I really enjoy it!

  6. Basice equipment to get started: shotgun and shells, duck call, and a few decoys.

  7. WatwerFowl Pakistan

    what are basic equipment to start career in waterfowl hunting

  8. Great…simple video. I love the kids. Raised 9. Had 3, adopted 3, took in 3 more. Worked many youth programs.

  9. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. My 11 year old loved your video.

  10. Noah…I was on a small lake near Rolla. The big lakes in sw Mo offere some duck hunting.

  11. Great video! What lake are you hunting in southern Missouri? I'm looking to get into waterfowl hunting here soon. I'm in the southwest part of the state and I just am not real sure where any good waterfowl hunting is around here.Thanks!

  12. nice video sir

  13. The sunrises are a very important part of any outdoor excursion. I love sunrise and sunsets.

  14. tgegfer gegerge

    The sunrises comment is what got me mate. I still feel even on an empty wide day (often as we have on the first few opening weeks here) that just being out in the A.M. and setting up is an experience all in its own.

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