Duck hunting in Argentina by Sunrise Productions

Duck hunting in Argentina by Sunrise Productions

9 The Shotgun Journal goes Duck hunting in Argentina it is very similar to duck hunting in the US, with one big difference, the bag limits. Bruce and Marty have one of the best duck hunts of their lives .For more information on Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays Shooting visit us at


  1. Alejandro Varas Diaz

    hola inviten !!!!! por favor…..gracias

  2. Alejandro Varas Diaz

    super bueno…….aviseme para ir por favor !!!!! 9 983 900 69…….gracias

  3. Andrey Solokhin

    What gun and choke? at what distance?

  4. Let the dam birds get in

  5. thnx for the amazing video, now i know where to go hunt…
    if i only have enough money =(

  6. 2 in one shot. Wow

  7. Si seulement tous le monde avaient l'argent pour traverver le monde entier en chassant…
    Trés belle endroit cependant.

  8. 9:10 Double Kill!!!!! Very nice shooting there

  9. Carlos A. Beckenkamp

    nice duck hunting….i like this…

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