Duck Hunting Opening day in Illinois: Fowled Reality EP2

Duck Hunting Opening day in Illinois: Fowled Reality EP2


This duck hunting video showcases the start of the Fowled Reality season. It started in the summer at the state blind drawing with no success. Then, the hunting season was underway and we traveled to northern Missouri with the guys from Muddy Dog Outdoors and finally had some success duck hunting in our home state of Illinois during the south central zone opener. The weather in the early season was not great for duck hunting. We had a few cool days, but not real cold snap to start the fall. Some of the calendar migration ducks were making their way south, but not many at this point in the season. Most of what we were seeing were resident birds using the river and power plant lake. It still made a for a good opening day. We got to spend some time in the pit in a corn field next to a small flooded pothole and think about the waterfowl season to come.


  1. Hey there just getting into Waterfowl Photography and Videography and I have just started following you in Instagram and you tube this year and I'm starting from season one of your account. What kind of video/cameras from the beginning to now would you recommend for filming ducks? Do you use the same camera for both filming and video? Thanks, new follower and fan of your work.

  2. is that baldwin, i live there

  3. hey i hunt in southeast kansas im always wrapped up in birds if yall want next season give me a hollar we can get on some birds for sure

  4. What city are you guys from, or if you don't want to be that specific, what big city are you by?

  5. Rusty Shakelford

    If you guys ever want to hunt in Iowa I hope you guys hit me up. I have been hunting in Iowa for about four years now. Which is not much but I am only 18 and I got myself into water fowling and I hope you guys come up. Great videos!

  6. Illinois duck hunting for life. Do u guys do any hunting in northwestern illinois

  7. Holy smokes you guys have come a long way! Keep up the good work. This seems so old.

  8. Your at Baldwin lake I live in Lebanon IL which is maybe a hour from there u should head down to perry county near pyramid park all kinds of ducks and geese down there

  9. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    We're counting down the days as well Matt!

  10. Matt Kollmansperger

    I cant wait for the 2013 duck season opener!

  11. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    KES Corn Cutter. It's a Purple Heart barrel with a poly insert.

  12. what kind of calls were yall using

  13. the narrartor is annoying

  14. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    Stupid sensor! It's fixed now!

  15. your engine lights on

  16. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    We hunted that way closer to the lake a few years ago. Thanks for watching!

  17. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    We can't either!!!

  18. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    Thanks Justin!

  19. Nice video!

  20. Fowled Reality Duck and Goose Hunting

    Thanks Goose! Get in touch with us next Fall and we'll see if we can work something out!

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