Duck Hunting Terms for New Duck Hunters

Duck Hunting Terms for New Duck Hunters


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At Midwest Flyways we want to educate you on how to be the best duck hunter possible. These are some terms that you might hear from some more advanced duck hunters. This way you won’t look stupid when you are out in the blind and told to do (or not do) something and have no clue what you were just told.

These terms apply mainly to the midwest since that is where we are located, but some apply across the board. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Squeal: when you dont know how to call
    DRT : Dead right there, killing a duck before he hits the water
    Nice day: overcast, windy, typically shitty, maybe a bit of rain. Better for duck hunting over water
    Robo Duck: Robotic duck. Used to be a name brand, but refers to anything robotic
    mud duck or stupid koot: usually refers to a duck you do not want to eat. Koots are this breed. Because nothing eats them, they are not afraid of anything
    jack off: tell someone to work the jerk cord
    hook 'em: hail call on the corners
    kill 'em: stand up and shoot the f-ing ducks! Geeusus, why are you still sitting down with your gun in your lap?! too late.
    magic trick: when the ducks simply disappear, usually when they circle behind you
    Old Yeller: a duck hunter that cannot shut up. Typically yelling at his dog.
    flight: a group of ducks
    Stratosphere: when ducks are way to high and are not looking to land anywhere near you. STOP BLOWING YOUR CALL, geesus noob!
    flare: when the ducks suddenly start flapping really hard and trying to get away from you. Hey Noob, those ducks you were not paying attention to, just flared. SIT DOWN!
    freeze: stop moving. The ducks are right over your head and looking at you.
    Swimmer: a duck that is wounded and cannot fly, but is hauling ass away and is making quick progress for the opposite shore. RUN NOOB!
    Slap 'em: Shooting the swimmer on the water before he gets away. THATS A DECOY NOOB! DONT SHOOT!! ahh… damn it noob.
    Expensive Duck: Shooting at a single duck 3 times. Cost of ammo for a single bird that you may or may not get
    Jump Duck: a duck that comes in low, catches you off guard. Why didnt you shoot that duck?
    garbage can: a blind that is used too much by hunters who dont pick up their hulls. Leaving their garbage all over
    Spinner: Robotic Duck on a pole. MOJO
    Big Foot: name brand of goose decoy. Hey Noob, set up the big foots over there
    Victory Dance: some sorta celebration for getting ducks or geese. Some people actually dance, others take drinks from their flasks. 🙂
    Wings Set: when the duck is coming in for a landing, often his/her wings are locked up and gliding in. usually feet down
    Dropping: when a duck decides to loose altitude in a hurry, they will drop. Awesome sight to see.

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