Duck Hunting “The Ditch” Part 2 – Fowled Reality

Duck Hunting “The Ditch” Part 2 – Fowled Reality


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On our duck hunting trip to Oklahoma last year, we were fortunate enough to hunt the same location three days in a row and shot limits of ducks every day. It was one of those trips where the stars aligned and everything worked in our favor. We never dreamed it could happen again.

This year, just days before our Oklahoma duck hunting trip, a cold front moved through and froze a lot of water sources forcing ducks to small areas of open water on rivers. Cold weather forces ducks to feed on grains such as corn and soybeans. “The Ditch” field was full of mallards yet again and we battled through a cold late winter thunderstorm to have a great hunt. The weather was just cold enough for ducks to still be dry feeding, but we knew the duck hunting was going to get tough in the coming days as the weather warmed back up. See how the ducks and us had to adjust as the weather changed in next week’s duck hunting video.

Be sure to watch the conclusion to our Oklahoma trip:

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  1. كِہ‌‍بّہ‌‍رَيَہ‌‍اء رجـہ‌‍ل

    دام صيتكم

  2. Great Lakes Hunter

    They seem like very nice guys who have a ton of waterfowl knowledge and the production value is great, but i will stick with channels like Freelance Duck Hunting and others for one reason. I can't stand dramatic music overpowering a video. I want to feel like I'm in the blind with you not like I'm watching a movie. Let me here the calling and chatting amongst you when the ducks aren't moving. Show me all the birds that flare early. Kill after kill then talking post hunt thrown in isn't my thing. Just my opinion.

  3. Matthew Rodewald

    friggin skybusters. . my god

  4. what choke are y'all using in that a400?? I just bought one and I'm looking for some options.  Also I'm shooting hevi-metal 3" #3's

  5. You guys gotta come up to Headingley, Manitoba. Right next to Winnipeg. Every year we get thousands upon thousands of geese there. It's not bad for ducks too

  6. Awesome video as always! What kind of guns are you guys shooting?

  7. Awesome video. definitely one of the best I've seen

  8. Daniel Dudzinski

    Best waterfowl videos on YouTube

  9. Garrett Vincent

    I am from Oklahoma! Nice video guys keep up the good work!

  10. Headshot Productions

    Other awesome informative video guys. What cameras do you run first and second dairy besides the go pro's?

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