duck hunting with airgun Kral puncher jumbo .25

duck hunting with airgun Kral puncher jumbo .25


basic information of Airguns
this is hunting video,ducks and snips hunting with airgun
Airgun Kral puncher jumbo .25 its nonregulated butt very accurate gun
price around about Rs.65000 pakistani rupees avalaible at Shahzeb Faheem shop Hyder abad
scope discovery vt2 4,16×50sfir.very nice and clear scope and scope came homemade.


  1. بہت خوب اگر آپ iMO کا نمبر دے دے تو میں آپ کو ایک آئرگن کا فون سیند کرتا ہوں شاید آپ کے پاس ہو بڑا مزا آیا دیکھ کر کیوں کے ہم بھی شکار کرتے ہیں پلیز iMO نمبر

  2. Great

  3. And koi 25000 Tak koi gun bata dain

  4. Bro ye gun kitne ki hy

  5. Very nice video ماشاءالله

  6. amant bhae ya video one of best video thi apki like professional cameraman and hunter

  7. Gteat amanat bhai love it

  8. Ma Sha Allah G Bht khoob .25 khas ducks k lea ha

  9. Try FX Impact .25 with Nelson slugs, with Night Force Rifle scope

  10. Your slow motion is not good and clear

  11. It's really good in Pakistan, in India it's useless

  12. Nice Amanat Bhai

  13. Very nice video

  14. all India Mewat for haunting Khan

    Sabir khan mewati india

  15. Sig injoay kya bahoot injayo kya ya video dykh 9ice.sir g tusi bary garyt o.

  16. Very nice video is length ki video bnaya arain hunting ki

  17. all India Mewat for haunting Khan

    Bhai jaan me Mewat se hu aap ne murgabi ki sikar ki uski jaan nikal gai halal he ya nahi p l z comment kare

  18. bhaii koi cheap price ma ache se gun batao rabbit hunting k lia

  19. Ye profile achie he

  20. Gr8 bhai

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