Duck Hunting – Wood Duck Smackdown

Duck Hunting – Wood Duck Smackdown


No copyright infringement intended – music used for entertainment purposes only
Song: Here Comes the Boom
Artist: Nelly
All rights to the song go to Nelly and his record label

Watch in full screen HD!

The “Wood Duck Mafia” smoking some woodies this past season

In the pictures and video where you see one person with a bunch of woodies, there were obviously more hunters present that what is pictured, please understand this.


  1. Was going to watch this video, until the music came on .

  2. best wood duck hunting vid I've ever seen .who gives a shit if u shoot em on the water or in the air as long as u get em .

  3. I smoked 2 Woody's on the water this morning. How we do it in South ga too

  4. better be careful posting vids like this game warden will catch your tail

  5. wood duck violator? good night son what do you do to the wood ducks? πŸ™‚

  6. 16 wood ducks + 4 hunters = 4 ducks over the limit


  8. Leelovesgolf911

    terrible song what were you thinking? You just ruined a decent wood duck hunting video.

  9. 4:00 I'm not sure about where you're from, but in my state, we can't shoot a duck in the water. They have to be in flight in order to shoot them. It's mainly for safety.

  10. YouAreWeakMinded Commie

    Lol dumbest hunting video I've ever seen yall must really think yall cool bunch of dorks

  11. Great hunt but poor choice of music!!

  12. Water swatting?

  13. Is that the spring creek in big sandy

  14. haha i wish i could shoot that many. here in sc the limit is 3!

  15. That was a boss video bro. I'm going hunting for woodies in the morning

  16. Must be nice to be able to shoot that many woodies in a day. We can shoot 3…doesn't matter if it's hen or drake…you get 3! Wish they'd up that number a bit.

  17. What kind of camera

  18. It takes a real man to jump a roost and blast ducks off of the water.

  19. Maybe so. But it's more fun to watch them.

  20. It's very fun to eat them!

  21. Why not just look at the ducks instead of killing them? lots more fun when they're alive

  22. Song sucks.. But a few really nice shots. Great setup and blinds. What's with all the ducks on the pond shots… Are we in Arkansas?

  23. Good video but the music blows ass

  24. Dakota Stowe Outdoors

    I dont like people shooting over the top of my head but thats just me

  25. Robert Unversaw

    Good job! Nice jump shooting at the end

  26. Spring Creek Outdoors

    Agreed. Thanks

  27. Spring Creek Outdoors

    Thanks. Yep early woody & teal season is right around the corner, better believe we're videoing it

  28. Well said! Great video

  29. whats the song

  30. Haha i just laughed my ass off when i heard the song…. Never ever thought of using it in a duck video

  31. sweet video bro getting pumped up for teal season.

  32. Spring Creek Outdoors

    It's not just a sport to us bud, it's an obsession. If you want perfectly angled and moving shots every time go shoot some skeet or some trap. I can't believe after all the hard work that goes into duck hunting like this yall think we're just going to wait for the absolute perfect shot opportunity every single time. If yall want hunting like that go watch the TV shows or a guided hunt.

  33. Spring Creek Outdoors

    Hevi Shot 3 inch #4 shot

  34. Not true. I hunt here too and I kill Bluebills, geese, mallards, and see the occasional teal

  35. SuperTrapper101

    nice!!!!! what state? and where you pissed when that guy shot right over you?

  36. Gabriella Kendus

    this is so freakin sweet

  37. what loads were yall using with the pms?

  38. I live and hunt in south eastern north carolina, all we have is woodys, and mergansers

  39. Stop shooting them off the water so much. It's not the point of the sport

  40. not very safe gun handling, an accident waiting to happen…

  41. Spring Creek Outdoors

    Thanks! Yea those woodies sometimes just ask for it, people can think what they want but everyone should know a water swat is a very clean shot, and we shoot em to eat em so there's nothing to lose with those shots.

  42. WATER SWAT at the end, I LOVE it. Dead duck are dead ducks, a duck that dies in the air dies the same way a duck on the water does. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I have had woodies sit there after being shot at the exact same way.

  43. Spring Creek Outdoors

    3 inch 4 shot with Patternmaster chokes = Wood Duck destruction

  44. Michael Osborne

    awesome video!!!

  45. great video, great huntin

  46. Could do without the music, subbed either way! πŸ˜€

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