Fast Travel Hunting Optimization – Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta

Fast Travel Hunting Optimization – Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta


Death Rider Boyz Posse in Red Dead Redemption 2. Colonel Judah Joey Goes over fast travel money making methods.

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  1. I made roughly 300 bucks yesterday post lanch. ( about a normal take for me) I have a balance of 2k. All cards are updated. guns I use are all rifled and I have a few outfits I like. Also I have a Foxtrotter. the only thing on hunting I saw a difference was plumes and carcus 50% reduction. I have a fishing spot where no lie I pluck 10 salmon in 20 minutes. The tubers are babies as well as some of the players. Im18 levels from100.Im not gonna stop

  2. best rdr2 vid i've watched in ages. Thinking outside the box.

  3. I just bought the game so my question is probably a noob one but why is hunting with the bow better?

  4. Phillip Rubianes

    Ya a;; the channels that had videos that said red dead is dead or the update was bad I unsubscribed, they just copy each other. lame!!

  5. I fast traveled today and my 3 star deer went to 1 star 🙁 this game is dead now

  6. Why does the camp just keep randomly moving? Seriously… WTF? I've never really used it because it's always so far away.

  7. All I am crying about is how if someone shoots you first and you shoot back you get a bounty and a wanted level. Your only recourse is to leave the area. I do not like that at all.

  8. Nicolino Cannito

    Does someone recognized that the weight system changed?

  9. Nicolino Cannito

    Hi to all. Some one knows how to check ur own blip color when alone?

  10. Though some of the things patched is pretty stupid and may get adjusted back, but I'll still play it bcuz I still have hope

  11. Is it really worth 112 gold bars? I'm only level 33.

  12. Jacy KoKo’s Red dead life

    Great job, just outlined a hunting guide exactly the same.

    Lol YouTuber advice, all true!

    Short simple solid information, I wanted the fast travel change with carcasses from day one for this hunting method.

    Thanks for your time and videos

  13. Great points on the fast travel/hunting/fishing. Thought I'd add for any who maybe aren't doing this…..use the fast travel as noted and also when you sell your pelts be sure you sell ALL the meat that you collect as well. You are acquiring meat off your kills at almost double the rate. In some cases if you were holding on to the meat you can compensate for the difference in what you lost on the carcass. I know alot or most were already selling the meat but I've talked to quite a few guys who were not and were holding it with crafting food in mind for later. I've also been using the fast travel for going in and out of locations and back to camp for herbs and crafting those. For any that were using loot houses…. quite a bit of focus now has to be on crafting some of those tonics that you were looting. Look forward to upcoming content dude…

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