Firearms Facts Episode 11: 5 Budget Hunting rifles for 2012

Firearms Facts Episode 11: 5 Budget Hunting rifles for 2012


This is nowhere near a comprehensive list, and does not really take into account used guns across the board, but hopefully this will give you an idea. I realize the audio levels can be a little low, I am working on getting us some body mics. Bear with us on that, I am constantly investing in making the videos better.


  1. To say the model 770’s bolt is smooth what so ever is absolutely false. Maybe out of the box it’s okay but over time I️t is terrible has many problems. I’ve killed many deer and I️t is very accurate for what I️t is but be aware I️ would not suggest buying this gun due to bolt!

  2. Where is berry

  3. Sports Lists1000

    I'm looking for my first hunting rifle? Any good ideas

  4. iraqveteran8888 is soley responsible for the spike in mosin and milsirp prices!!

  5. Why so serious

  6. Can you do a video on a good 270 for starters so one gave a bunch of 270 ammo and I don't have a 270 just like to know about the brands

  7. matthew sustayta

    can u do a top 5 california guns

  8. Browning has some great options

  9. RAY put some bass in your voice son

  10. They have a scoped version of the axis now. I bought one last night with a scope for $300.

  11. they really need to do a video for bear defense….up here in canada/alaska we got lots of them

  12. carblingautomotive

    Here in Australia guns are hard to get … I'm looking for ar 15 style bolt action in 270 windchester , multi purpose deer rabbits and target … do u know of any ? Must have only 5 shot mag

  13. fuck mosins

  14. I own a Remington 770… The bolt is so awful

  15. Ray needs to speak up.

  16. That guy needs to learn to speak up, like whisper much?

  17. pinkmist1970 •

    I bought the Savage Axis 30-06 with a Weaver 3-9×40 at Academy Sports for $320. That's with the $5 background check.

  18. Top 5 30-06 rifles. Bolt or semi. Just 30-06 caliber

  19. Sebastian Gonzalez

    Should i get a hunting rifle or shotgun and why??

  20. I guess I'm an old timer. I just can't get used to guns without iron sights. I sure miss my Savage M111 Classic Hunter.

  21. I hunt with a BMG

  22. Matthew Galston

    How about doing a best 5 long range hunting rifles.

  23. Taylor_the gameryt Adidas


  24. Thanks guys. Can you do more on the Remmington 700's

  25. Now we have the axis, patriot, and the american

  26. Too bad most gun store guys weren't as honest as you.

  27. huntinfishintrappin

    I ment cva Hunter 35 Whalen for elk/moose

  28. huntinfishintrappin

    What about the cvs Hunter 35 Whalen for elk/moose

  29. Can you please make a best hunting shotgun video

  30. are this guns available in europe ? i mean can i have any of this rifles in europe legally ?

  31. I have a 770 I don't like it. It's only because I don't like the feel of it and it is ugly. But it was cheap and it shoots straight.

  32. Of course, you had to pull out the Russian scrap. You can go to a show or pawn shop and pick up a sporter mauser with scope for a little more money.

  33. Universal Kombat

    I remember when I got my first gun. A pretty well taken care of Mosin for $80

  34. I'm not def by any means, I can't hear Ray,, am I the only one?

  35. man in black, talk louder man

  36. are there any ( cheap) GOOD non bolt rifles for hunting?

  37. I live in Ohio, and our hunting regulations only allow straight-walled cartridges 🙁 no exceptions


    my dad has the 770

  39. I want to see a budget rifle comparison of all of them. Savage axis, winchester xpr, ruger american, weatherby vanguard, remington 783, browning x bolt, Thompson center compass and test them all too.

  40. what happened to the dude with the beard

  41. The 770 rem,some problems to the BOLTS.

  42. I hunt deer with a 223 savage axis it's plenty enough to hunt deer not just varmints

  43. surprised to not see more. cheaper surplus firearms like the gewher 98 or even a carcano or arisaka

  44. William Leffler

    Do you have a mosin with a pu scope for sale

  45. Would you suggest the mosin Nagant to a 14 year old hunter? I'm looking to buy my first gun here pretty soon and the mosin Nagant has really caught my eye i have shot a 12 guage normal and turkey rounds I have shot a 3030 rifle I have shot a 357 magnum and I have shot a glock do you think the kick is a little to much for a 14 year old? Because I really like it it's a beutiful gun

  46. Chris Hazlewood

    Can you do a new budget bolt hunting rifles for 2016?

  47. howa and weatherby both make economy lines as well, shot the axis and vanguard personally, .300wm no complaints, nef .223 was great had to take a bur off loading chamber (look it up) 770 chambered .243 does get the job done but no adjustable trigger :(, after 60ish rds, firing pin unscrewed itself, and after several trips out, the screws stripped out of the buttstock (all within 1.5 years of target/deer/coming shooting), very very rough action, only plus I have is the adjustable stock for youth model (can be found with other manufacturers)

  48. rremington 700 would be on the top but they go for 700$ and up

  49. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Ray is the fucking man! So cool

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