FM18 | Regen Hunting / Youth Intake Best Scouting Methods, Tips and Tricks | Football Manager 2018

FM18 | Regen Hunting / Youth Intake Best Scouting Methods, Tips and Tricks | Football Manager 2018


In today’s FM18 video by AccessEuphoria we take a look at the various scouting methods to find all the best Regens and youth intake players in Football Manager 2018.

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  1. Or you could just add potential ability to the columns and then filter age range to 15-19 and then sort by highest potential ability….. hey presto

  2. Someone Called Chris

    Awesome mate! What pop screen do you use on your mic? I think I'll get one for my vids. Does it make a huge difference?

  3. Regen stands for Re generated player that has retired…. not every young player is regen. ffs

  4. Listening to you say "Cream de la Cream" has made be borderline suicidal

  5. How do you get them added to your shortlist? which settings do i change?

  6. i don't have the icon "hot prospect",and "key player",is that normal?

  7. I followed the last step (number 4) but it keeps showing players who are 24+ as well as youth players? am i doing anything wrong? and it won't let me get scout reports just says get analyst report, any help would be appreciated, trying to learn how to secure youth players

  8. can anyone else scout 6k at a time?

  9. How do you do the second method?

  10. MCFC Home And Away

    How do you get hot prospect and key player tab on overview screen?

  11. how do you get the hot prospect and key player tab on the overview screen? great video

  12. TomvanVenrooij1

    Instead of scouting all of them, in the fourth method you could also put them on your shortlist. Then apply filters to scout them yourself. You get the best players per position in one quick overviews, plus you can keep track of them in a few years time as well. Works perfect for me.

  13. jonathan lohaller

    they changed the scouting report from fm 17, i can no longer get e report card the minimun scouting seems to be 1 week now in fm 18. Is there any way to change it ? It takes ages to scout just a couple of player.

  14. Gunnar Jökull Ágústsson

    I can't scout more than 50 players at once, is their any way to change this or go back to an older version of the game where it was possible, preferably without having to start a new save?

  15. Will any of these methods work if you're doing a Non-League to Legend type save and you're currently in the Vanarama South with a tiny budget and a scouting range of England only?

  16. Ashley McNally

    When using method 4, I find a lot of 24-28 year olds showing up in the youth intake section.

  17. adar lowenheim

    got the a couple of days ago but saw upload when it got uploaded and decided to not watch until I get the, I got it earlier than I thought I would since FUT account got hacked and deleted and then restored for some reason, so I decided to pick it up now, and the Christmas sale made it an even sweeter buy, so I'll watch this vid and try to implement some of it if not all (and probably not all since I heard the first method doesn't work anymore) into my Maccabi Tel Aviv save (yes I'm Israeli and a Maccabi fan from a family of Maccabi fans, from both sides) and my upcoming saves with Roma and either Wolves, Blackburn or Bolton

  18. thecrazylepricorn

    Am I the only person who isn’t able to see the hot prospects?

  19. Sam TommoThomsett

    Brilliant video thanks but it's " crem da la crem"

  20. Notorious BiGV

    Please make video of how not to get injured or preventing injury.

  21. I have database of 128,000 players with 7 countries, 18 comps. I have a Asus laptop i5 8GB. Is my laptop ok for more available leagues?

  22. if i buy the world package and set my scouts to different continents, and leave them on ongoing, is it possible to scout everyone on the game?

  23. Steen Eugen Poulsen

    You can scout all players, no matter the range, the scouting range just limit automated scouting assignments.

  24. I need help!! How do I end an assignment??? I started an assignment witn N/A time and it never stops!

  25. Richard Hewitt

    You can’t scout all those players in one go now

  26. How do you select all the players at once? don't really understand your accent

  27. Poutanas Malakopoulos

    What kind of computer or laptop is the minimum for a large number of leagues in a game's database? I have a laptop that has 4GB ram and it's really nothing special. I'm thinking of getting an upgraded laptop with 8GB (Dell laptop, and not some really expensive one, just a decent upgrade from my current one)
    I haven't gotten FM yet and I'm thinking whether or not I should get a new laptop and THEN buy the game

  28. Method 1 no longer works on FM18. You only scout from the pool of already scouted players when you select the "scouted potential ability" condition meaning you're going to pull a very, very limited selection of players on those scout reports.

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