Get the Most From Your Deer Hunting Riflescope

Get the Most From Your Deer Hunting Riflescope

7 Having a scope on your rifle is just as important as having a rifle for hunting. So which scope should you choose? What are some things to look for if you’re buying a scope? Dan Schmidt goes in depth with scope information on this episode of Deer Talk Now, all the way from glass to coatings. Also, Styrka Rifle Scope is in this week’s Product Spotlight.


  1. From the title, I thought you were going to discuss how to determine the moa subtentions of your reticle then using it to make more accurate shots at longer ranges and such.

  2. Good video

  3. There is only one scope company Zeiss.

  4. Hello. I just wanted you to know as a fellow deer hunter that watching your channel makes me feel Confident in taking my game with the proper knowledge at hand. Rifle OR Archery!! You give hunters like myself the proper knowledge and reassurance that we are taking our game in the most ethical way possible. Thank you for taking the time out to make these videos!! P.S. Swarovski is my favorite glass!

  5. great video.. I'm from Australia and hunt all year round and any where from mornings to late at nights.. use a .308 or me .300win mag.. vortex scopes seems to keep me happy.. keep up the good videos..

  6. LastCallOutdoors

    Nice video subscribed! Check us out for hunting vids this fall!

  7. Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my scope lenses?

    Serious question.

    Also, if I'm shooting say a 4×12, what do I need to take into consideration as I toggle from 5x,6x,7x… on through?

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