Gmoneystrong Outdoors – Channel Trailer

Gmoneystrong Outdoors – Channel Trailer


Hunting and fishing adventures from Delaware of a young TBI survivor and his stepfather.

Garrett grew up hunting and fishing with his father, Kirk Rogers, who served our country as an Army Ranger. Tragically, Kirk passed away on November 20, 2015. Garrett was just 9 years old and had only started to explore the outdoor world with his father.

About 6 months later, Garrett was nearly killed when he was struck by a vehicle. He spent months in the hospital fighting for his life, and sustained numerous injuries including a traumatic brain injury.

Although his world was turned upside down, his fight for recovery, and his drive to continue pursuing his passion is nothing short of spectacular. Kirk Rogers instilled a love for the outdoors in his boy, and it is my honor to continue that legacy. I came into Garrett’s life as his baseball coach, and am now proud to be his stepfather .

This channel will chronicle our journey together and we are excited to share the experiences with you.

Gmoneystrong Outdoors is a YouTube channel that follows the outdoors adventures of a young man and his stepfather. We are located in Delaware, where we do most of our hunting and fishing. We hunt for whitetail deer, turkeys, and waterfowl. We love bow hunting! We also fish for a variety of species, including largemouth bass, striped bass, flounder, and we fish offshore for tuna, mahi mahi and billfish. Thank you for watching our video, please subscribe to our channel on the link below!


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► Shed hunting AND bass fishing a juicy farm pond!
► Shed hunting – hit list buck found dead!
► Kids duck hunting in BRUTAL weather for youth day! (body booting)
► Spring turkey hunting in Delaware – 4 toms come in to beat up a decoy!
► Late season archery deer hunting
► Snow goose hunting a HUGE flock of geese!
► Afternoon Duck Hunt in Delaware (Cameraman FAIL)
► First buck – great shot with a crossbow (MUST SEE!)
► Bowhunting the late rut – Garrett’s quest for a giant buck
► Bowhunting Whitetails – BUCK DOWN! (Crazy Ending – MUST SEE!)
► Bowhunting GIANT whitetails during the pre-rut – Big buck down over a DECOY!
► Bowhunting GIANT bucks during the pre-rut in Pike County, Illinois
► 12 Year old Garrett takes his best buck with a muzzleloader
► Early Season Goose Hunting – season opener
► Youth Duck Hunt
► Garrett’s first turkey (with slo mo replay!)


► Bass fishing challenge with the kids! Hand tied flies vs bass lures!
► Bank fishing for winter bass with CUSTOM spinnerbaits!
► Yank UR Crank around the world!
► Sunset Striper Fishing!
► Bass Fishing in Delaware – Surprise MULTISPECIES!
► Catching bass on a custom ZOMBIE BAIT!
► Halloween Night bass fishing for GIANTS
► Catching Giant Bass At Disney World
► Chesapeake Bay Fall Striper Fishing
► Bass Fishing Contest! Last chance to find a winning fish!
DSLR: Nikon D3300
Camcorder: Canon Vixia HF R62
GoPro(s): Hero 3
Shotgun Microphone: Azden SMX-10
Video Monitor: Feel World 7” HD Camera Monitor:
Post Processing: CyberLink Powerdirector 16
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop through Creative Cloud
Voice-over Mic
Camera arm:
Manfrotto fluid video head:


  1. Gmoneystrong Outdoors

    Thank you for visiting our channel, be sure to subscribe to keep up with our latest adventures!

  2. So awesome.

  3. I grew up fishing and hunting with my Uncle, I remember when i was younger I could not wait for him to come home on leave from the army so we could go , He was my best man when I got married, He passed away last year and even though Im 50 yrs old now I miss that time we had, what you are doing is so great

  4. Bunnicula Vampire Bunny

    Here from Fishy Angler.
    It was tragedy, loss and recovery that first brought you two together and it was love, healing plus your shared love of and interest in the outdoors and fishing that made you a family. This was no coincidence you and Garrett found each other in this great big world. What a blessing!!
    Thank you for such a heartfelt story!

  5. Heritage Farms Texas

    Outstanding channel and video. Saw you on Pusa and decided to join. Check us out, we are just getting started on our channel. Thanks.

  6. Carver Outdoors

    Wow! That hits you, but man the power and the influence the great outdoors can give you and impact your life. God Is Good. New subscriber here, happy to find your channel and look forward to many videos

  7. Harts Adventures

    Awesome family outdoors channel! Lots of hugs for you all!

  8. Debbie Debbie Debbie C

    Love your channel

  9. Nice trailer!

  10. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    DUDE…..let's collaborate on a hunting video next year…

  11. Papa Romes Outdoors

    Nice trailer man, such a sad story for sure, but you stepped up to the plate and are an angel to Garrett, and a role model to all of us. You guys are such a great team, love this channel.

  12. Can't wait for the next video

  13. Peter Juulsgaard


  14. Barnes-Howard Hunting Team

    Garret stay strong

  15. Thank you for sharing this important part of your lives. Florida Hillbilly recommended we come look and see your story. What an inspiration to myself and many. Just subscribed and look forward to watching your videos and the memories to come. Be blessed.

  16. Swamp Stalker Outdoors

    Wow brother… after I watched this video I sat and thought about what I wanted to say. Words can’t express what I want to say! I remember you telling me one time that this story of Garrett’s life would be told and now I get it! You both are amazing people and I’m sorry that these terrible things have happened to y’all. I know all to well about loss, but not at the age of you Garrett! Your father/friend would be proud of you both for carrying on his legacy and passion for the outdoors! Your videos and adventures reflect that passion and love and it shows! You have a awesome channel and I hope it grows into something amazing and takes you both places you could never imagine!

  17. True North Angler

    Great trailer for an awesome channel. Great story behind it and so happy to see your channel grow so rapidly. That’s amazing.

  18. Wow i had no idea! Sorry for your lost garret!! I love you're videos Keep at it!!!!!

  19. New Here!❤️

  20. Wow! This is very touching my friend, kinda left me emotional. He seems to be feeling better now thanks to Great role model as yourself. I'm very sorry for Garrets loss, but he gained a great friend and mentor in you.

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