Great Value in a hunting rifle: the Hatsan AT44

Great Value in a hunting rifle: the Hatsan AT44


I took the Hatsan AT-44 out for a quick workup before an upcoming hunt. I’ve had good experience with the predecessors to this gun, the Pneuma models that came out a few years back, using them to take a lot of different small game and varmint. My only real complaint was the trigger wasn’t on par with the rest of the gun and it was loud. Hatsan has addressed both those issues and kept an attractive price point. Take a look!

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  1. i have just brought one myself and it is wicked love this gun it does what u want it to and more.

  2. The only issue that I have encountered is loading the first pellet (more my fault than the rifle). Sometimes the first pellet is not aligned and gets deformed slightly when pushed into the breach area.. So if I get a shot that is a little off then it is the very first shot.. If I were to hunt I would just shoot the first pellet into the ground and rely on the remaining 9 (or take more care loading the rotary mag into the rifle, to assure proper alignment of the 1st pellet).. I do rotate the mag when inserting but then I rotate it back onto the catch – I think that is were my issue is coming from. Got to remember not to rotate it back against the latch.. Mine is a .177 and can shoot 1/16 inch groups at 20 yards, So it does have the potential to shoot close to 1/4 inch and well under 1/2 inch at 80 yards.. (this is better than many powder burners).. My .177 likes the heavier pellets Newboy Senior 15.8 grain in particular, shoots them between 880-900 fps and generates 28 fpe at the muzzle and still hitting with 12 fpe at 100 yards… No complaints about that from me.. Plinking tin cans at 100 yards is boringly accurate..

  3. I got this with the wood stock and it is an amazing gun. I can't see higher priced guns being any better.

  4. Nathaniel and Tiffany Bidet

    What scope you running on it?

  5. Gerald Williams

    im the wind & the rifle still shot 3 different pellets well/good…hatsan taking over power & accuracy..u cant beat the 135 break barrel

  6. I've got mine in .25 & it is a beast. It is one of the beast rifles I have

  7. what do u think would b a better gun. This or the benjamin marauder synthetic. Both in 22 cal. Thanks

  8. Things I liked:I've had the .22 model of this a/g for a while(AT-44,1022 Pump Action,,AT-44"tact"1022), and its great, I've alway's been into springers,and this is my first venture into pcp, What a difference, Coming from a host of top of the line springer's, (Cometa Fusion Premier.22, as one example)This blows it away. I'm getting close to 1000fps with H&N FTT 5.54mm(16-gr,.),and with 9gr Prometheus Hunters,I get close to 1140fps, and thats with deadly accuracy, Accurate enough to knock off a 25pd Racoon 75ft up a Pine Tree, and it was dead before it hit the ground with a head shot!. If you hunt with your a/g's, then this is your gun, after you get used to the shooting cycle, You'll be squeezing them off like Chuck Conners, But seriously, This gun is awesome!, Very easy to get your line of sight, and you keep it, even going through the pumping cycle, It's a polymer stock, but it's rock hard, not like the plastic Crosman Uses (Crosman M4177, as an example). Choosing the right ammo for this shooter may be a challenge, I've found that alot of my favourite pellets don't cycle well, It's a shame, I really like hunting with Skenco Metal-Tipped Ultra Mag's, but they're just too long, As with most of the point's in my arsenal, I However, I did find it shot excellent with H&N SilverPonts(17.10gr,.) In domes, the only pellet that was a little too long was H&N Baracuda's, Hunters, H&N Field Targets, Silouette's, FTT, FTT Power, Gamo Pro Hunters/Hunters, AirArms FX SmoothTwist pellets all performed well and left everything in the black @ 20M
    Things I would have changed:The weight!,,It's a heavy gun, and w/ that kind of heft, It should come with factory swivels, a shot-gun sling will be hard to place on this gun due to it's configuration.Any swivel attachment should be done professionally. Also, Magazine placement should be more internal, Too much of it is sticking out, and makes scope placement problematic.
    What others should know:Finding Optic's for this Beast may become a problem, If you plan on using a standard scope, You're going to need high mounts, and an Objective of Less of than 40mm, a Red-Dot may do the trick, but the rail's are a tad too thick for any Q/D type of mount. I put a JGBG M8 3.5X40 I/R, Integrated Laser on mine, and it fit's just right, and performs Extremely well with this gun, and doesn't add alot of weight.Get yourself extra magazines, I found that 6, will get you through all of your gun's power shots per fill-up, I also sprung for an extra air cylinder, tossed in my rucksuck, provides me with me more than enough air for a day in the field. Once you get used to this gun, It should become the pinnacle of your collection, It's very well built,a fantastic trigger, This gun should provide you with years of good shooting/Hunting. Chher's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

  9. Jim, I have to ask. Why didn't Hatsan use the AT44 for their new mid bore guns??? I have the SB 65 Elite in .25 and my biggest complaint is the safety. It will be the main reason why I won't by Hatsan's .357 now. Especially with so many other mid bore guns coming out. Follow up shot's should be quick and easy. 

  10. Woah Jim…how did I not remember about your channel?…okay I'm embarrassed…I have known Rick E. for almost 3 years now and of course been following your two's increased involvement in the show (thank goodness!) but why I have not made it here to check your stuff out eludes me…maybe because I am more focused on long range plinking and target shooting with airguns apposed to hunting like you and Steve Criner…either way great channel and I'm starting to check out your stuff now also…I have been following Ted Bier for awhile and pest control and small game hunting dose interest me so here I am learning from the "master hunter"…on that note I am going dark side next week with my first PCP…Rick has been pestering for years about how I'm going to nearly give up shooting my springers after I get a hold of my first air puffer…jumping hardcore style from my .177 spring guns to a .25 caliber Hatsan AT44-QE Long (just like this test rifle) blessed by Mr. Eutsler himself…oh yeah, I'm quite excited and do plan to get some video uploaded sometime when Rick shows me how to edit, lol…keep up the great work Jim!

  11. Hello Jim.  Did you ever get a chance to do any hunting with the AT44?  If so, can you let us know how it performed on the hunt?  Thanks.

  12. Wow, great accuracy in some decent wind! 

  13. Any experience with the Galatian QE? I'm looking for a new .25 and have it narrowed to the Galatian QE, AT44 QE or an Mrod.

  14. Seriously considering the AT44 TACTICAL .25 CAL with Full-Power Tune! BT65 to big for my frame or build. Thanks for the great video, agw.

  15. hey jim which one should i get daystate wolverine b or airwolf mct i like the wolverine more i have the 303 a type but in 22 wolverine is 30 ft/lb but airwolf is 40 ft/lb with same shot count but i don't like it being electronic it is just me which would you suggest should i get airwolf for more power and maybe better acuracy by the way i have at44 regular version with short barrel it is great gun for it is price but low  shot count looking to the get a Galatian carbine Qe version thanks for the videos 

  16. Is this the long or regular version?

  17. well i am sure i know which is my next air rifle..

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