Gunsmithing: Browning BAR Hunting Rifle .30-06 (Gunworks)

Gunsmithing: Browning BAR Hunting Rifle .30-06 (Gunworks)

39!/mainegunworks Jim Green, gunsmith and owner of GunWorks of Harrington, ME, shows how to disassemble the Browning BAR hunting rifle from the 1960’s, chambered in .30-06.

GunWorks is located in scenic DownEast Maine, and Jim Green is a Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm. GunWorks accepts not only local business, but business outside of the State of Maine. See his website for more information, pictures, hints, and tips!

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. I've got a 2018 production BAR Mark II Safari and for the life of me I could not get the bolt assembly out of the bottom of the receiver. It then occurred to me that I probably have to take off the butt stock and slide it out the back. Would this be correct?

  2. Thank you Sir for the Video! i just bought the same rifle jear 1990 defined by Serial number. Helped me alot, so i can save to buy the Manual.

  3. Peter Grufstedt

    Thank you for your videos for the Browning BAR and the Marlin 1895. They are detailed, informative, and produced to a degree above most other videos. I certainly would trust you with some of my most prized possessions. Thanks, again.

  4. Thank you, huge help in replacing my buffer!

  5. Awesome video, wish I could check out the shop!

  6. Thanks again for another great video

  7. Brain surgery and rocket science! I better lay off the beers until after I get it all back together! I’m in the market for a big bore BAR. My local gun shop has one chambered on 30-06. Thinking hard about it!

  8. Hi I am looking for info I have a browning 7mm remington mag lever action anb in wont fire the first time only the second try can it be my fire pin issue ?
    Thanks for your help

  9. Do you have a video of cleaning a Sako 85 Finnlight 300 win mag?

  10. Vincent Firetto

    Just broke down my 338 wm thanks that was simple !

  11. How often would you suggest breaking one down this far for cleaning?

  12. Cristian Ventanni


  13. great but do you have a video putting it back together. 🙂

  14. Very good info! I have one of these on my personal wish list and with the help of this video… It is a little less intimidating. Thanks!

  15. Can I use low rings with a 40mm scope on one of theses rifles?

  16. Hello super nice vidio like it mush i have Bar 2 looking ltel difrents
    jerry from sweden

  17. Outstanding!

  18. Like your style bro. Nice ape anger to

  19. When it comes to making easy to understand videos regarding the various workings of firearms, I cannot
    think of anyone who does is any better than downeastgunworks. He obviously knows what he is talking
    about and he makes what might normally be an intimidating project that a person will avoid into a doable
    project that empowers the gun owner. There are millions of firearms out there that are cleaner and/or
    functioning better thanks to this gentleman.

    I don't know if Jim will read this, but if you do- Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort that goes
    into producing these videos. Each and every video helps individual gun owners all over the world get a better
    understanding of how their gun works and how to disassemble and reassemble their firearms. With videos
    receiving hundreds of thousands of views, that's a lot of people being helped and a lot of money being saved too!!

  20. wisconsin hunter Whitetail

    nice video explained very well!

  21. Thanks Jim, your videos are very helpful on disassembling firearms for repair or cleaning! They keep me from making mistakes and are easily explained.
    David Barr

  22. Hi,

    That was just what I was looking for. I'm giving some thought to buying a semi auto hunting rifle, and I was considering the BAR. The only thing, well, two things I don't like about it are the plastic buffer, and the fact that taking it apart can be tricky. The plastic buffer is one of those things that will fall apart sooner or later, and probably at the worst possible time. I would never put a plastic buffer in my 1911, or any gun that wasn't designed to have one. And I shy away from guns that have plastic buffers as part of their original design too.

    What semi auto hunting rifle would you recommend as being the most reliable? It would have to work with anything from super light loads to the heaviest loads possible. … a lot to ask.


  23. Great video!

  24. Thanks. I've learned so much from watching your videos. Being on the "Other" coast, it is sure great to have a resource such as your's.

  25. Good Job! Thank you for doing this video!

  26. thank you very much! I just got this rifle from my grandfather and wasn't sure where to even begin,

  27. Would love to see you do this for a BLR. We are advised not to take them apart for full cleanings because the timing is tricky. I bet more BLR owners would attempt it with a good detailed video. Most requests I've made to gunsmiths have been shot down since they really take a good gunsmith to do. Please help us out.

  28. I had a hand me down Browning BAR 30-06 from my father who passed away back in 2012. He purchased the rifle back in the late 60's with a Leaupold 2-7x scope and sling. I had to replace the scope, which I did, then took the rifle out to the shooting range to sight the new scope in. I had a lot of failures, which I discovered were because the rifle hadn't been cleaned since I don't know when. I have many rifles of different types, but when I went to disassemble the Browning I was lost, could not figure how to completely disassemble it. Thanks to your video, which I watch over and over I see now why! Thank you very much for the well informed video and soon I will do a complete disassemble and cleaning of the rifle. Great video, thanks again…..

  29. Very informative video…thank you very much.

  30. Alpha Team Outdoors

    I currently own a 30-30 and a 7mm BAR. Only down side with theses semi-auto rifles is I hunt deer late in the season, in very cold weather. Sometimes in -30. The action slows down in the cold. Follow-up shots can be problematic thus, in harsh conditions I will usually hunt with a bolt action rifle. Regardless, thanks for the great instructions.

  31. Uhhhhhhh I'm lazy I think I'll stick with bolt action lol.

  32. This has helped greatly since this is one intimidating gun to disassemble for cleaning. By any chance have you done a disassembly/reassembly video on the new Browning BLR's? Great Video, Peace Reese

  33. Nice video, I just picked one of these up in .308, my question to you is, can the magazine be removed? as I can not find a release on it. I was hopping to buy another mag to use for deer hunting as an extra. Thank you!

  34. Thanks for a GREAT video, I would have a rifle that would be in a billion pieces and totally lost !

  35. Who would design a gun like this?


  37. David C Lohoefener

    Thanks Marten, that 's what i needed.

  38. Brandon Mitteis

    just bought one thank you

  39. very good informatively video for semi automatic B.A.R. tear down clean, assembly

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