Gunsmithing: Cutting the Chamber on a Hunting Rifle Barrel (GunWorks)

Gunsmithing: Cutting the Chamber on a Hunting Rifle Barrel (GunWorks)

Jim Green, certified master gunsmith and owner of GunWorks in Milbridge, Maine, is also a co-star on the new National Geographic Channel TV show, Lords of War. Jim works on antique and older military firearms and specializes in building custom classic hunting rifles.

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  1. Would you mind giving us your lathe make and model ?

  2. Thanks for the video is excellent

  3. Has been a long time since you did a video I hope you're doing okay

  4. Thanks for a nice, no B. S. Video. Thanks also, for skipping details. You had no chatter, which piques my interest. In my experience, once you get it, it's hard to get rid of. In my experience, in other industries, chatter can be avoided by increasing the speed, especially on small reamer's like in 1/16th. dia. In 555 Ti, I encountered chatter at 350-400 RPM's. Speeding up to 750 RPM's did the trick. What do you do, when you get chatter? I used to grind gashes in the flutes, spirally, in surplus bridge reamer's, to kill it. Yes, I'm a stumble-foot machinist. I want to learn!Mark

  5. Thanks for the great info.

  6. Great video. Thanks 🙂

  7. Thanks for the great video Jim. I am just getting into gunsmithing myself and your video was a great help.

  8. Excellent video….Another method with a new barrel (Shilen Barrel), I Indicate and adjust to the bore diameter.  Typically with these barrels, the breach diameter is exceedingly close in concentricity to the bore diameter…..If necessary the breach diameter is turned to +- .0005 or less, concentric to the bore.  (BWI, the use of long gauge pins can be inserted at both ends of the bores for indication). I use a Hardinge 3J collet closure chuck with a 1.2000" collet. This large collet chuck is normally indicated to .0005" or less TIR of spindle runout. I indicate the business end of the barrel via use of a spider as per Jim Greene's method, and tighten both ends all the while, watching indicator changes and adjusting as needed.  The tenon and threads are then turned. Reaming the chambering by means of stepped diameters , a rougher reamer, and then finish ream using a PTG adjustable micrometer reamer stop, (an awesome tool and worth the cost).  I don't use a floating reamer holder here as there is no need at this point, but if using the four jaw chuck as shown, this is a must. The rest is standard procedure by means of go/no-go etc, as the video instructs.

  9. adriaticmachine

    Good video, fine craftsmanship, thank you for posting.

  10. Chance Wilson

    Good video. Thanks for posting.Semper Fi

  11. Chance Wilson

    Good video. Thanks for posting.Semper Fi

  12. will a tangsafety ruger 77 barrel threading screw into a rem 700 action cdl both are long actions

  13. How do you clean and disassemble an western field model 880A-ECH 22 long rifle

  14. Or you could just buy a Savage.

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  17. Good stuff…  floating reamer is new to me — great tool.

  18. hi my name is dj I just want to truly thank you. you saved my life. I could not put my ruger back together after disassembly and I was pissed. I watched your video and put my gun back together in no time. thanks again please continue to make your videos your a good teacher.

  19. Great presentation.
    Thank you

  20. Hey there, I was just wondering, where did you get your gunsmithing knowlege? Because the way you explain it, is exactly how I have been taught at Trinidad State Junior College. I will be starting my fourth and final semester in January. I completely understand everything you say, and it feels awesome to understand machining terms and what not. Only thing that I wouldn't do is dial off the cylinder diameter and then chamber. I always use a gauge pin and dial off the bore. Other than that, great video!

  21. OH cornplanter

    Excellent video full of lots of information, great job Jim. I'm looking forward to watching your other videos.

  22. great job breaking down the "mysterious" gunsmithing techniques in an easy to understand way. great job indeed. keep up the simple hands on slow aproach with quality in mind kind of gunsmithing, if you get all fancy smancy it would really take the pride and quality out of your work!

  23. Scott AKA mach1mustang1971

    great video jim…congrats on the move also…I really think that folks take for granted just how precise and exacting someone has to be to be a TRUE gunsmith…take care and looks like homecoming is Oct. 25 playing against R.S. Central…Later!

  24. Great video Jim, alway's impressed with your skills. hope all's going well for you & your new location… looking forward to the next video already…keep ' em coming 🙂

  25. paltryengineer

    great video Jim

  26. Murphey's Muskets

    Great job Jim! I hope all is well with you! P.S someday I would love a Weatherby in 7.5X55

  27. There are also week long specific courses during the summer, such as lathe and mill operations, blue-printing an action, single-action revolver tuning taught by Hamilton Bowen, AR-15 and 1911 classes taught by Brownells, etc, etc. Classes are $250 to $300 per week, depending on the school. Google "NRA Summer Gunsmithing Program" for more details.

  28. Grants and student loans are available. There are three excellent schools; Murray in OK, Trinidad in CO and Montgomery in NC. There are others, but those three are NRA affiliated. Student aid is available, along with student loans. Aside from tuition, the largest expense is tools. Having many guns is not necessary. Figure about $2000 in tools for the first two semesters. Having a military Mauser is a requirement, but you only need the action with bolt. Hand on instruction is infinitely better.

  29. How much clearance do you cut your barrel tenon and the inner collar ring on the Model 70 ?

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