Horizon Zero Dawn: Top Ten Beginner Tips!

Horizon Zero Dawn: Top Ten Beginner Tips!


Here are my 10 top tips for beginners to the game, if you are new to the game, just started and need a little help this tips video should get you started and have you leveling up quickly. These are things every player should know if you are not sure how to get started. I hope you find these useful and please let me know some of your tips in the comments section.

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Horizon Zero Dawn TIPS: Top Ten Beginner Tips!
This game is also available on other systems

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  1. Latrell Spencer

    Barely got this game today I'm enjoying it.

  2. Watching Walkthroughs will make you feel like playing the game if you cant afford it 😉

  3. can we mount on machines other than striders

  4. Just started playing love the game gunna get the DLC when if finished main story thanks for the video great help 🙂 got my sub dude

  5. Ernesto Colon

    Should I play on hard?

  6. Hey! Go for the ancient armor!! It makes you practically invincible lol, the power cells are a bit of a pain in the ass but totally worth it!!

  7. I just started this game yesterday (along with a brand new PS4) and man! This game is magnificent. Most of these tips I had already figured out, but it was nice that you didn't give any spoilers. Thanks man

  8. I don't like the concentration skill slowing down time I think I'm cheating..

  9. cailyn corneillie

    Use fire arrows on blaze canisters especially near herds of grazers

  10. Just picked this game up and hot diggity dayyyyummm it's immense. Good tips, thank Yee.

  11. Best tip is on the skill tree upgrade the tinker trophy, helps u to remove mods nd use again..so u don't have to keep destroying mods.

  12. Great video man! This game is great but doesn't explain some important things.

  13. Byrdmann Byrdmann360

    Great video! Thanks for the tips.

  14. Brendan Kendem

    Thnx man

  15. Lol I rushed it completely

  16. Christopher Rogers

    Thank you Sir, needed that. Brand new to this game.

  17. Joshua Espinoza

    Can anyone tell me what the purpose of tagging is? Thanks.

  18. 777 likes and 7 dislikes… I'm Gonna annoy a lot of OCD niggas out there by just liking the vid real quick. Hehehehe >:)

  19. Just started and I'm definitely horrible at the game

  20. “Aim at that yellow highlighted place….or its face”

  21. I thought destiny was a mindless farming hell. Until I played this game. Holy hell, this is THE mindless farming hell of them all. There's basically nothing else to do but run around gathering stuff like an idiot. That's it. That's the whole game. It's like when your class gets out to pick up litter around school but blown up x999 times in proportions.

  22. Hamilton Newhart

    Best tip on this video was the dynamic HUD

  23. BorussenPower92

    Thanks for the tutorial, just began to play the game and its awesome. The only thing, that fucks me up is the huge amount of different symbols on the map. Thats a problem, that bothers me especially in Ubisoft games. Zelda-BOTW does it so much better not showing you all stuff on the map so you really want to explore the environment.

  24. Matthew Wallis

    Does anyone know how to tell if a weapon or armor is better than what I have?

  25. Johnny Sanchez

    Has anybody told you that you sound like FrankieonPC

  26. PS4 has the best exclusives, by far!

  27. Also each new ammo type you get unlocks a tutorial for bonus xp but you have to make it active for the objectives to count.

  28. Mmm, it makes me bother about this game !! (*^^*)

  29. Thanks for this.I am going to be playing it soon. This reminds me a lot of Far Cry.

  30. Jake Williams

    Got the game on black friday, definetly in my top 5 of greatest open world games I have played. Game is ao addictive.

  31. Tnx for helping me@! I just picked up this AMAZING game yesterday, because it was $60 off in black friday sale.

  32. Keenan Johnson

    Thanks, this was really helpful ☺

  33. Dreamer Deceiver

    Dude awesome video. I just started playing today and I’m really grateful you kept it spoiler free. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

  34. Edopedro Pedro

    gimana cara nya biar bnyak subscribe

  35. Jotaro Kujo79

    I´ve started to play the game yesterday, and you tips video is what I was looking for. Great tips. This is a fantastic game

  36. Nice video! I will definitely try the dynamic hud next time I start the game. Looks really nice!

  37. Great video, tbh I really slammed this game before it came out saying it was too much like Farcry Primal, so I did not get it. Then I had my new PS4 2 days ago as my old one blew up on me, and saw this game in the sale on the PS store cheaper than it is in the shops, so I purchased it, and now I have not stopped playing it for 2 days solid, I have around 20 hours played so far it has become my personal favourite game. Great video, I used the Dynamic Hud option after seeing this. Subbed.

  38. For fast traveling, you can buy an unlimited fast traveling pack from any merchant! The resources for it are easy the only semi difficult one is the rare fox skin but you only have to kill like 5 foxes

  39. Top vids man. Definitely subscribing. Cheers for tip on dynamic hud

  40. Dynamic HUD = AWESOME! Thank you!

  41. I allready played longer but mist the dynamic view and i love it THX for the tip.

  42. Nooneknows 2017

    For some reason camp fires r not visible on my map

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