How To Call Turkeys Part 1: Types of calls – Turkey Hunting Tips

How To Call Turkeys Part 1: Types of calls – Turkey Hunting Tips


In this first of a series on how to use turkey calls, Jared with Double Trouble walks you through the main turkey call types,as well as a few others. Check out parts 2 and 3 as well and learn the basics of how to call turkeys!

Part 2:

Part 3:




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  1. I'm a new turkey hunter and have recently bought a slate call to add to my diaphragm and box calls. I like the slate a lot better than I thought I would and agree in it diversity.
    The diaphragms started working for me when I learned 3 things. First – size matters, I have a small pallet in the roof of my mouth and the smaller sonic calls by Primos did the trick. Second, using my diaphragm to push the air rather than just blowing air added greater realism. Third, seeing another video on YouTube, the proper placement of the diaphragm in the roof of my mouth flipped the switch and I was off and running.
    Thanks for you videos and God bless.

  2. My favorite it a mouth call

  3. BattleZone Airsoft

    what is the name of the song

  4. Box call is my favorite

  5. Slate or diaphragm

  6. Pot calls and box calls….But probably pot is my favorite!!

  7. Team tri-city Wraiths

    and im 14

  8. Team tri-city Wraiths

    I love the mouth call I learned how to do it like that after a video iv mastered all the calls I need help how to do a cut and the existed call   

  9. A good box is hard to beat!

  10. Glad you've started young!

  11. mouth call is my fav only 12 and im very good

  12. Primos makes some great calls,we own a few. Thanks for watching!

  13. We shoot everything on a handful of farms we hunt here in TN.

  14. I've used a pushbutton quite a bit,a very good call.

  15. Glad you picked up quickly,thanks for watching!

  16. Mitchell Gosnell

    i havent ever called in a turkey in my life before this weekend i took my cousin on a youth hunt i used my mouth call and it was a great hunt we got it all on video. I got my mouth call a month ago and havent ever used one before that.

  17. Good luck,hope you get one! Thanks for watching!

  18. killacopforfun666

    I like the mouth calls. Just gotum down pat after a a couple days of practicing. The derringer ol mama hen lil strut and I favor my aluminum pot call over the slate. Turkey season starts tomm in ohio. Woohoo

  19. Are you interested in doing a TV show? Email me at,

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