How To Create Easy Stand Locations For Deer Hunting (#84)

How To Create Easy Stand Locations For Deer Hunting (#84)


From In this episode I’ll share with you an inexpensive technique for whitetail hunters that have access to properties from 5 to 5,000 acres. Watch this episode and follow the steps now to prepare your new favorite hunting stand location!

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  1. The Outdoorsman

    Another great video.

  2. I have a treestand that's over looking a bean/corn field and completely surrounded by corn field except one little strip of trees and I was wondering if there was any way I can make deer come to the area more often and persistently

  3. The Out Doors Men

    Love this channel… Can you please give me a shout out

  4. How many acre's do you guys own?

  5. Chris the archer

    Here in Pennsylvania the hunting is not too great and if it is public land, it is illegal to clear brush as in the video. The alternative I do is rack a decent area out from around my stand of leaves and dead limbs to expose the ground which is generally moist. I use a no-plow product and have it planted about 4 weeks before opening day and reseed apx 2 weeks before. If it grows you can hunt over it. 

  6. Last year was my first year of serious hunting. I grew up basically with a father 10 hours away, and didn't have my first hunting trip until I was 13. Last year I was 18, and decided to try public land. Squirrel season was a blast, but deer was amazing. I let SEVERAL walk, and took a meat doe 3 days before season went out, and a 10 point the last morning of the season. This year I''ve found a piece of private land with a buddy we're able to hunt. I plan on hunting with minor changes for a year, then going about a few small changes. I would like to say that your channel is very inspirational and gives a lot of good information. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, and happy hunting from Alabama!

  7. im not that old and i want to bow hunt out of a tree stand but i need 1 that is safe and goes up about 13-16 feet up
    U know of one

  8. Great advice!!!

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