How To Gut A Deer

How To Gut A Deer



  1. Getting fecal matter everywhere

  2. "He clearly wasn't a smokah!"… hilarious. I just watched a few field dressings from here in the States. Those guys were cutting and stabbing and pulling and puncturing bladders and basically making a mess of it. This dude is pretty amazing. He's done two deer and even removed a head in the time the good ol' boys in America were still cutting up half the deer trying to get the asshole out.

  3. nathan bellamy

    Real kiwi rough as guts and matter of fact. No fluffing around. Good stuff

  4. Lauren Malobisky

    hi I'm lauren I'm gonna take this hunting class for turkeys next year and dear hunting next December….quick question. ..when gutting a deer, will it matter what part you gut it from

  5. This is a much better method than what I find from hunters in the states. +Greyhound, Steven Rinella's method takes too long and requires more than one tool.

  6. Mythical Beast

    This is the best one I have seen yet!!! Its really not as bad as what I though it would be.

  7. Gediminas Jesinas

    Evil murdering scum are those who kill innoscent animals. Christians are immoral if they allow that torture. No loving God exist and humans are just violent machines – this video proves that.

  8. Jeremy Cotter ?

  9. Good grief, just to humor you, I watched Stevens 'Deer gutting' video. Here in New Zealand, we shoot lots of deer, We have to be quick, perhaps a little rough even, We don't piss around performing open heart surgery on our kills, we don't carry bone saws, and we tend to leave the deer as intact as possible to keep the meat clean. If we were in the US and maybe shot one deer a year, from a stand or quad, maybe we'd cut em open more, but generally we carry them whole on our backs several kms.

  10. I don't think i could ever stick my hands in a deers Pooper, I don't think i could EVER do that to one in gerneral.

  11. Jeremy Hankinson

    Victorinox Butchers Knife

  12. What knife did you use in this video?

  13. Very clear and helpful. Thanks.

  14. Great vid guys – helpful for us newbies getting into it

  15. interesting, normally, i would cut the arsehole before removing the guts, just makes it come out easier and theres minimal chance of excrement contaminating meat

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