How To Hunt A Buck That Doesn't Live On Your Small Parcel

How To Hunt A Buck That Doesn't Live On Your Small Parcel


A Non Core Buck is a whitetail buck that does not live on your land. Often living a 1/2 mile or more away from your small parcel, a non core buck may not seem like a very realistic buck to target for the season, but he is! Even though you may only own a very small deer hunting parcel, I have found that you can find consistent success with shooting the oldest bucks in the entire neighborhood, every single year. whether those bucks live on your land or not, doesn’t matter. In fact, the majority of the oldest bucks that are hanging on my wall right now, have been bucks that did not live on the small parcels of land that I have hunted. Here are 5 ways that you can successfully hunt a non core buck this Fall, even if you only have a small parcel of land to hunt on.


  1. How does manipulating habitat to encourage the concentration of deer traffic over a given area differ from using bait piles and mineral licks with respect to exposing more deer to infectious diseases like CWD? See,s that concentrating more deer into a small area is bad for herd health. Am I wrong?

  2. Great stuff as always, Jeff – love your videos.   Questions for you – I have 60 acres that I have permission to hunt that is in the Lakewood/Mountain WI area.   It is neslted in among some other private, but their are literally thousands of acres of Public (Nicolet National Forest) surrounding us as well.  Basically all of the nice bucks I see on the 60 acres only show up during the rut, and at night so it's safe to say they are "non core".  I hunt both some of the public and some of the 60 acres of private as it is right behind my cottage.   When I get that perfect weather day that you describe during the rut, if you were in my shoes would you try and hunt the less traveled Non Core buck area, or would you venture out on to the public where it may be a better spot in theory, yet all bets are off in terms of hunting pressure, as their could be other deer hunters out their, people walking dogs, people fishing, you get the idea.  Appreciate your input.

  3. Thanks Jeff for another great video! We have been applying alot of youre tips and info to our habitat enhancement on a small 25 acre parcel in NE Kent county in Michigan and it has really been yeilding fantastic results for us! Keep up the great work.

  4. The buck in my pic I got last session. I never got a picture on the trail cam of him & he was nicer than any of the bucks I did get pics of.

  5. Awesome vid

  6. Steve McArthur

    Non core = BONUS BUCKS! The best kind. My brother and myself killed 2 like you described that were both our personal best bucks. Best part….season over and every buck I wanted to survive have hung around and survived. Can't wait for fall 2019 season.

  7. Thanks for the great info! I hunt a very small parcel (12 acres) and for the last 2 years have gotten a shooter buck on camera October 29th. Both trail cam pictures are within hours of each other and then no other pictures the rest of the year. What do you think are the chances he will be back this year on October 29th?

  8. #maga makeing America better since day one

    I love small parcels, I hunt on 40 acres but next to me is a 2000 acre state park that u can't hunt on so there are a lot of big buck near me.

  9. With less than 10 acres all the bucks less maybe one are non core bucks for me. That said with several of your ideas I get lots of travelers and this video describes my hunt last year to a T. What a difference a little food, some scrapes and staying the heck out of there made. Good thing there are muskies to chase while waiting!!

  10. Hey Jeff i love you content and i watch you religiously. But i do have a spin off question about this topic. Unfortunately i have new neighbors that has the 40 next to my 40. He was so disruptive this last year that i seen a 90% drop in mature buck activity and a 60% drop in deer moment in general. Once i realized that he was walking all over his 40 down in there bedding and hunting the fence line hard. i just quit for the season to relive pressure on my herd. Before he showed up i had thousands of pictures and many good mature but encounters, now hardly anything. unfortunately a lot of my mature buck movement comes from his direction. but when he over pressures and hunts the place so hard ( like 12 people ) opening day and if its brown it down… the bucks wont even pass through at night to reach my side…i am kinda in a spot that i am not sure how to get out of…. i have housing on all other sides so i am stuck behind his piece for 80% of my deer movement and not sure what i can do to improve my situation. just his pressure ruined the half of my land that touches his a bordering 20 acre sanctuary( void of anything but young does )…. and the other half only had small bucks after… i shoot good bucks ever year i didn't change anything major or ruin my own land in fact i still shot two great bucks ( one early one around the first days he started hunting ) recovery's were non invasive… just seen a massive reduction in my deer herd once he moved in around the end of bow season till now.

  11. Randle Richardson

    That’s how it works on my place

  12. This is so true becaue in the rut I seen bucks I have never seen before come out in day light and crazy because there was 2 bucks one was bigger then the other and the small one would always come in before the big one around 10 AM

  13. Randle Richardson

    That’s the way it works with me on my 46 acres. I see them coming cross the road at night on to my lease.

  14. Thanks for another informative video Jeff. I hunted a 7 acre parcel for the first time this year. It's located next to 300+ acres of ag which they do not allow hunting. My parcel consists of large, mature oaks, hickory,and beach trees. There's no understory for bedding. I tried to lure the deer in by baiting by baiting but only saw does and young bucks in they daylight. Until, as you stated, the rut started. I then saw more mature bucks but not at the bait site. They were going to the mock scrape that I started that was roughly 50yds from the bait.

  15. Wow Jeff! What a great encouraging video. Thanks so much for the great tips. Very refreshing for us guys hunting realistic properties. Can’t wait to implement these tactics next fall on my 16 acres!

  16. That's what I'm dealing with on my small property. Non core bucks.

  17. think your absolutely right I see it all the time but not the way your saying exactly as you already know. my core area bucks will leave here and become someone else's non core area bucks a 1/2 to 3/4's of a mile away. If most of the bucks your getting shots at are non core bucks than your core area bucks must be doing the same as mine backing up an leaving

  18. great topic and info jeff…cant wait till you incorporate the blogs into a dvd so I can just let them play while at deer camp…I learn something different every time I watch and listen..thanks

  19. Tyler Goralski

    Awesome content. I have one property that I would suggest there are two types of non-core bucks. Rarely have pictures of "shooter" bucks during summer and early fall. The big three year olds start showing up on camera mid October in the middle of the night and come closer and closer to daylight until halloween or early November when they present during hunting hours. The second group of non core bucks which are bigger, the 4+ year old largest racked bucks, come through mid day November 13-15. I am trying to figure out how to kill one from the second group.

  20. Amother great vid Jeff!

  21. Bailey Dressler

    Hi Jeff, I was wondering if you rely on weather apps on your phone to pick your stand based on the wind or if you wait until you're on the property and use the wind chalk

  22. Your info is so spot on every time.found #22 shed yesterday .got pics of buck still holding yesterday..

  23. Your right on the money thanks for all the great information

  24. This applies to me quite a bit, and I try this exact tactic every year on a small parcel that I hunt that is attached to a very large parcel and it has been very successful for me over the last 5 years. Great video!

  25. Exodus Trail Cameras

    Very relatable topic! All helpful tips for folks hunting small parcels.

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