How to make a Homemade Salt Block for Deer Hunting

How to make a Homemade Salt Block for Deer Hunting


Uncle Goat shows you how to make the ultimate cheap homemade deer salt lick, mineral block substitute. Don’t go out and buy one of those big salt blocks from tractor supply. For less than one dollar each you can make your own salt lick blocks for attracting the biggest bucks with the biggest racks and the most points. If you are hunting for the big buck and will not settle for the little spike, then you got to try out Uncle Goats method for making your own salt lick blocks. Hang them from the trees all around your hunting property. If your lucky you might even see a Sasquatch or two licking on your salt blocks.


  1. KKona

  2. Knetters Practical Outdoors

    Watch "They put VIAGRA in a deer block" vid.  It will shock you.  KPO

  3. Keith A LaCaze Jr.

    do you use hot water or cold water?

  4. what a goober

  5. 50 lbs salt block from TS is only 4 bucks

  6. put thw salt container with the cardboard in the oven on what heat and for how long

  7. I like you man I'm a black man but you my brother love this video

  8. Jennifer Weaver

    you're my new favorite person!! I am making my squatch lick now. I also made a molasses block earlier which came out great! your lick recipe will accompany mine nicely!

  9. Will it work if i cut the tree hand part and just make a block?

  10. Your my idol

  11. awesome lol

  12. Dustin Richards

    you been swiggin on that vanilla?

  13. Great Sasquatch Bait!

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