How to make an alcohol gun – to hunt and shoot continuously with the PVC pipe [newcd]

How to make an alcohol gun – to hunt and shoot continuously with the PVC pipe [newcd]


How to make an alcohol gun – to hunt and shoot continuously with the PVC pipe – it is a big gun and very powerful, it can hunt rats, snakes and other very good
It is made from the coupling of pvc tube, you need to prepare:
– 1 bicycle pump
– 1 lock of copper valve
– 1 brass out connector for 1/4 valve lock
– 1 quick connector for 8 mm gas hose
hope you like it,thank you for watching


  1. eres muy malo trabajando, para la edad que tienes, te tendria que dar vergüenza hacer un agujero con el cautin

  2. Nice looks like plenty of fun.. what is measurements of inside steel pipe?

  3. I want to make a pump up Air gun to Kill Insects, that is similar to yours, But I want to shoot Salt out of it, and make a Salt Shotgun, that shoots different sized Grains of Salt for shooting Insects Like the Bug-A-Salt gun, but More powerful and able to Shoot more Salt, varying in size, either Finer Table Salt, up to coarser Rock salt. I was thinking of using a Tee PVC fitting at about a 22degree angle From vertical at the top of the barrel for a Salt Hopper, and use a large enough 3 inch diameter x 12 inch long PVC tube for the Air Chamber, I Want to get at least 25 shots to 50 shots before having to pump it back up to refill air reservoir, using a either a bicycle pump, or a HPA pump, to pressurize the air reservoir, the air reservoir will be the rifles butt stock. I want to see how many shots I can out of that size of air chamber. Have to tried to use isopropyl Alcohol? does it work? or do you have to use methanol Alcohol? I also have a spare paintball gun High pressure air tank at 2200psi that I may use if I need more air pressure, and go High pressure air only.

  4. I wonder why you guys dont use the check valve, it will save you time when you pump air in and close the ball valve yourself. It will only cost you about $12, ball valve might cost you around $4-$12 and around 2-5secs away from target.

  5. Please tel me what is IC Discharge

  6. Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi

    Hai dude where did you get the ic discharger please replay

  7. Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi

    Hai my friends how did you stick 10 cm gravure d3 how it's working please explain as a video

  8. Where is air lock valve how to going air pressure outside

  9. Air pressure Not going out side

  10. alcohol name? what methanol or another?

  11. Bro.. U so brilliant…. Can i buy 1 like that???

  12. I really like the gun what you made ..What type of alcohol you used in it

  13. Ravi Sg Shivarampura


  14. What is the work in this gun of the air ?

  15. iki mantan wong mbecak toh

    O yes

  16. were you get the barrel

  17. how long can it shoots and still can do damage?(srry last comment on the airgun was a mistake i want to ask this gun)

  18. dude~~~ op!!~~smart boyyyyyyyyyyy~

  19. Isnt pvc dangerous when it explodes ?

  20. Which alcohol do u use or how much % alcohol is in the liquid u use ?????

  21. may good

  22. can u show metarial alcohol

  23. viet nam

  24. can i use spray paint for tank

  25. how longe distance it can shoot

  26. how to put alcohol???

  27. donde se vende rifle cuesta

  28. Nicholas, Sharmaine Matthews

    whats another name for the IC?

  29. Thank you my friend. My son & I will enjoy shooting this.

  30. How to collect the gas to make iron shot for shooting out? Please reply to me. Thx☺

  31. what is gravure ?

  32. Angelotony Mendoza

    i make weapons also my self but how is it gonna ignite the alcohol when the alcohol you pour to the chamber is at the bottom and your ic discharge is at the top how will it ignite the alcohol if not being wet by you alcohol can you explain pls? and i also like your design looks deadly.

  33. Can it be done with kerosene or gasoline (provided all the PVC parts are replaced by steel pipes)? Gasoline is easier to find and is more combustible..

  34. Hi there
    First, let me just say thanks for the great video. It really helped me a lot when building my marble gun. Quick question, my gun doesn't seem to ignite. I'm using just turpentine as the fuel source, was wondering if this could be the reason the guns not firing

  35. 开火开关呢? 枪管后边不关掉不会漏气?

  36. bagus sehali

  37. Thonzkie Valerio

    can i use denature to fill the chamber..

  38. wat is that ic discharge…do you have any other name for it,i want to find it in online stores but i cant find it…

  39. What's type of alcohal? Methanol or Ethanol?

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