Hunting Red Deer Maungapohatu Te Urewera's

Hunting Red Deer Maungapohatu Te Urewera's


Well join me on this trip as myself & Rogee go harvest some animals off a very special place with the manwells, the boys Dave & mikey. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Cheers


  1. what an awesome place & awesome shooting bro – good luck with the SI trip & the roar, Chur Bro

  2. nice one Owen

  3. Awesome bro great video really enjoyed it thanks for taking us along. Keep up the great work

  4. Jeremy Mccully

    Chur bro ole sensei Thane got you shootin money bro. On sync with the old tag team enjoyed the other perspective and style of video aswell chur!

  5. Rogee Productions

    Mean bro!!!

  6. Rangi Harrison

    Mean mission brother O. Can’t beat those old school traditions bro. A great effort and a primo journey. Look forward to seeing some of the brothers upcoming adventures

  7. Too much brother, epic times in an epic rohe, whenua wairua to the maximum churrrrr

  8. Kooze Harrison

    primo bro

  9. Kia ora and good day to the team,
    A great trip and awesome footage, greatly appreciate the invite Big O, there are always a reason behind all those old traditions and we need to keep them alive as long as we can and pass it to the next generation, love it brother, thumbs up for a great trip, best regards to all, Tony.

  10. Bro you have a awesome personality to be a YouTuber. Go hard my bro

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