Hunting Rifle Gameplay 12!!!

Hunting Rifle Gameplay 12!!!


Here is another one of my most spectacular games using the hunting rifle and I am very glad to share it with you along with a message that will boost your day, week, whatever. I have a passion to spread knowledge and it just so happens that I gained an audience through video games! ☺ I am a positive, loving, authentic, and empathetic being who wishes to help the world become a better place by bettering myself and putting into practice what I learn and experiencing all that I can through expanding my mind and taking care of myself to my fullest potential, then sharing whatever helped me in the highest hopes it will work for you, even if it means making you smile, or giving you a fresh perspective. I encourage you to follow what makes you happy, whatever fills your heart with love, whatever brings peace into your living space.
I wish to have a broadcast this week, keep notificationa turned on, I apoligize for talking about it last week and not following through, I had some important events come up and was rather busy. Much love everyone.
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  1. You are a monster.

  2. I'm still lost on how you get headshots like that. It's so insane like it sometimes it doesn't even look he hits them. Like how? I need a vivid description so I can start peeling mfs muffin caps back

  3. There's literally nothing to dislike about this video so it's pretty petty of the people who would thumb this down. You've got some mad skills dude, keep up the awesome work!

  4. So good ! 🙂

  5. There really is people who play a lot Tlou pity that the vast majority plays using fast fire and their mode as aut aim …………….
    So it would be nice if you show your control to a camera and so the people could not question it sometime ok
    Great gameplay congratulations


  7. Hey Joel, don't run away from your own fight, 1v1 me, like you said "you could beat me" hahaha

  8. I have this score on a map bus-stop. I have a picture but i dont share on youtube 🙁 Good vidéo !!

  9. beautiful,is nice <3

  10. Beautiful headshots!!!!

  11. Are you the creator of this amazing game ^!^


    My freakin' god… how did u do that? Dude, that was fuckin' amazing…ultimate skills…

  13. I like how in the beginning you walk in to the line of fire, do a 360, then just blow the guys head off.

  14. Have some mercy on newbie(S) xD. And where do u usually play supply raids? Yesterday I saw u playing LOU but dont kno where u were playing ( in parties allowed or not) 😛

  15. Special-Nightcore Gaming-Mix

    how is it for you that in every match your teammares steal your executions, i hate them, but sometimrs they weiter sry so i forgive them:)

  16. Does anyone here play on PS3?

  17. what sensibility did you use?

  18. que sensibilidad usa?

  19. Marcelo Cárdenas Ramos

    Teammates just stealing executions

  20. patrickwjr tlou clips

    It's ironic how your emblem is a heart but you bring death to (almost) all who opposes you.

  21. Fabrício Frasson

    Man, i still want so much to play with you, soon i get my PS plus back, i will try, i'm not good at shooting, but i can be a support too!! Cheers!

  22. That 3 Piece was clean asf Joel!

  23. Your HR skills always amaze me, that's my worst weapon… So yeah, amazing!!!. Btw, i missed your broadcast yesterday, it's like a part of my rutine now. Much love Indi <3

  24. 6:16 That moment bro! Absolutely beautiful

  25. I'm gonna wait and see that Must guy come and say you're trash. :/

  26. I have to say… I'm impressed.


  28. Nice accuracy

  29. Mel4Real4Life Lol

    Amazing as always indi. Keep up the great work and never stop making videos!

  30. damn them headshots tho, amzing keep up the great work 🙂

  31. Damn dude, I'm speechless. I never get bored of you wrecking the other players with those sick headshots. You are a BEAST bro! 20 downs? Bruh!

  32. Nice job!!

  33. my god!! i always thougt that i was good with sniper but you are simply awesome!!! keep going like this, hope to be good like you someday (sorry for my english…i'm argentinean)

  34. You make it look so easy

  35. Excellent video greetings from Argentina bro 🙂

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