Hunting: Slingshot Aiming Techniques (Intuitive)

Hunting: Slingshot Aiming Techniques (Intuitive)


Showing how to use a slingshot using the intuitive technique.

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  1. On this video your first catapult I'm interested in. Where do you get them in the UK. With wrist brace. Good video. Thanks

  2. Patrick Richardson

    Very nice. I have a similar, if not identical, style. Rufus Hussey did the same.
    When I teach to shoot… I say pinch, point, pull… let go.

  3. I'd have been more impressed if you did one take an missed a few rather just editing in the good 'uns. Totally agree with 45° and instinctive shooting. It frustrates me to pay attention to aiming then miss. I keep telling myself as a beginner that muscle memory is still being loaded, I have to program it in, I have to learn to point the extension to my finger. pointing with your finger isn't hard is it?

  4. The first slingshot you showed is actually illegal in germany, because it has this steadying-thing for your arm. So any germans here should be aware of that before deciding to purchase one of those…

    Bytheway, do you have any opinion on the pocketshot?

  5. My kind of black sense of humour turned "can on the ground" to "granny on the run".. Would have been unexpected.

    Good video!

  6. In New York State slingshots are not allowed for hunting and wrist braced slingshots are illegal. In the 1930's when the Conservation Laws were being created there was much concern about poaching. People were poor and killing the game. The NYS Department of Conservation is very protective of the wildlife and changes occur at a glacial speed, unless it's for more restrictions. The Hunter Safety Training that all hunters must pass stresses safety AND conservation.

  7. I can hear Bruce Lee: " Don't think! Feel!"

  8. Again an amazing video. Where can i gather more info on what size bands to use with what size leads. I am merely getting my eye in and will start hunting as soon as i am comfortable with my aim.

  9. The outdoorsy Guy

    Thank you for making such good videos that are so informative and interesting. You were the person who inspired me to get into bushcraft!!!
    I have the one question what is your normal day job?? Thank you once again your my hero!!!

  10. Unstoppable Tramp

    Good work bending that steel bar, looks pretty damn neat if you ask me

  11. Wow, don't use lead, Mike. Doesn't the UK prohibit lead shot also?

  12. Hi, what is the name of the slingshot that you like to use for hunting? thank you

  13. Great video with great information and tips. Thanks. The first person angle of your practice shots was awesome, you should have put the Doom music in the background ☺

  14. Outdoors Specialists

    Great video!

  15. Practice, practice and more practice…….that's the key to marksmanship. Good vid. Thanks for posting.

  16. mike could you recommend any ammo size just got a pocket predator from bill hayes with double theraband gold????

  17. hi, love the videos. do you happen to have a link to the ebay shop for the traditional style slingshot?

  18. Hey, dude I love your videos, I do own Chief AJ hfx. I did notice that you have changed the bands. What lb or kg pull do you use? For me to get spare bands from AJ is really expensive. Just the cost of shipping is 40$. Do you know what kind od diameter of the bands does he use, so it fits? I would like to look for some spares in my country first, but its really hard. Cheers

  19. When you fired into the river, thats when you find you just accidentally got yourself some brown trout dinner!

  20. Nice vid. I enjoyed that. I'm just learning, and have come naturally to realize that I do best when I use what you describe as an "instinctive" aiming style. Oh, and where do you get your lead ball ammo? I'm doing some muzzle-loader shooting and have been casting my own .36 cal lead balls that work great in my Tru-Mark FS-1 slingshot.

  21. Also like to know what that coat is! Awesome look.

  22. Hi, I enjoy your videos and I subbed you.. can you please tell me the best place to buy ammo and where tou get yours? I want something bigger than 9.5mm steel balls..

  23. Pretty expensive practice shot. I use plastic barrete balls (sort of good, even with the off-centered holes, and I have some marbles for actual shooting, so far just overbarking dogs, (you don't actually hit them), squirrels and defense.
    Anyone know where to get a deal on marble or steel in the US?

  24. Hi Mike, I really admire your jacket, I am in the market for an all-day everyday style with plenty of pockets. Do you know what brand that is?

  25. Nice question is your jacketwho makes it and do you the address.thanks

  26. Doug's Adventures

    Do you know if the new HFX elite 3.0 still has the aluminum frame?

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