Hunting with JSB Monster Redesigned – Airgun Pest Control

Hunting with JSB Monster Redesigned – Airgun Pest Control


In this episode, we test the JSB Monster Redesigned .22 pellets out of the FX Slug liner.

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Airguns used:

FX Impact X with 600mm Smooth Twist X liner in .22, MTC Viper Pro 5-30X50 Scope and DonnyFL Ronin silencer shooting JSB 18.13gr pellets at 900fps

FX Wildcat Mk1 with Hawke Airmax 4-16X50 Scope shooting JSB 18.13gr pellets at 900fps

FX Impact X with 700mm FX Slug liner in .22, Aquila Sports Optics Verreauxs FFP 2.5-20 x 56 Scope and DonnyFL Sumo silencer JSB Monster Redesignded pellets at 930fps

DonnyFL Silencers:



Canon 80D with Canon 18-135mm Nano USM lens and Rode Video Mic

Side-shot with a Hawkeye Firefly S8E – Visit

Phone Skope with Hawkeye Firefly 8SE – Visit

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Video edited by Roelf and presented by Gerhard.
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Thank you,
The Air Hunters


  1. Can't wait to have you guys out! Going to be a great time!


  3. kurtdish tattao

    Sir where to buy that brand of airrifle…thanks…

  4. how many

  5. keren uy senapan na

  6. Con fx này mang về vn la nhất

  7. Narinder Chauhan Chauhan


  8. Beta Satria Lesmana

    very excited dude…. make my dream came true want to FX Impact….. sob for me 🙁

  9. roberto alexis padilla olivares

    hello, your videos are very good …..

    Could you explain the configuration of the bullfighter …

    greetings from Chile

  10. หยากได้ลูกแปบนี้บ้างครับ

  11. Sombat Khowwring


  12. Raven Ravenbelarus

    friends tell me what is your average speed in meters per second with a 1.645 bullet?

  13. Hi gerhard, can i ask a favour from you? Can you please post the groupings of your impact at your fb page or insta using that 25 grains .22 redesigned at that power? 50,75, & 100 meters , please?

  14. great video see you on the next one

  15. Felicidades muchachos por sus tan grandes logros por entrar en los ojos de fx, de Utah airguns. Donnyfl, y mucho más! Son una motivación para muchos de nosotros a luchar por lo que queremos. Ojalá algún día pueda cazar junto a ustedes

  16. Just kill males….good shooting….

  17. Cristian Alcaino

    i what is the value of that rifle in your country

  18. Air Hunter's Club

    please tell me difference between side shot cam gopro hero 4 and gopro hero 7 black.?

  19. joaquim octaviano

    Amigo, bom dia. Não sei falar inglês. meu sonho é possuir uma carabina dessas. Mas as condições não da. Sempre acompanho o canal de vcs. Estão de parabéns. Me realizem esse sonho? gostaria de ganhar uma dessas. Poderia ser uma usada mesmo.

  20. Christopher Edmister

    Do you guys hunt, Ferrell Cats?

  21. I watched you two guys with Matt Duber a little while ago, so with this video I decided to subscribe..
    Great shooting in this video too, was the main reason to subscribe, of course.

  22. rao hanan khan rao hanan khan

    Scope model???

  23. rao hanan khan rao hanan khan

    Plz scope name model?

  24. Be careful shooting birds off the electric wires you can damage the lines. Knocking down a high voltage line could be possible.

  25. I'll ask again ..You notice much difference between the 600 and 700 barrel’s around the farm ?

  26. looking forward to meeting you all see ya there

  27. Air rifle FX impac is the best…
    Beautifull shot brother… Salam dari indonesia…

  28. Donny-FL is an old friend, and I am very glad to see his line picked up by FX. Good viewing Guy's!


  29. Tiro Esportivo Brasil

    Desafio : acertar um chumbinho pendurado a 15 metros com minha Sumatra.

    Confere aí


    I absolutely love your videos. I'm from Daytona Beach Florida and it looks like the weather there is very similar to Florida. Thanks for all your work.

  31. Hello guys, nice video. I have a question for Roelf. I also have fx WC 1 with the longer shroud. But the moment I put a mod on it, the barrel drops down very slightly due to the weight of the silencer. As a result POI is very slightly lower. Is there any way to rectify this issue?

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