Illinois Deer Hunting: Slug Season Success

Illinois Deer Hunting: Slug Season Success


My brother and I were very fortunate to double on two very nice bucks. I ended up missing my first shot at my buck but luckily he stuck around long enough for me to get another shot at him. In the end we made 2 perfect shots and recovered both deer. Like and Subscribe for more to come!


  1. Awesome job guys!!! Very nice bucks. Keep making those memories with each other. God bless you both.

  2. What kind of slug were you using? At the range you shot both bucks they shouldn't have ran far yet both deer seemed capable of running a marathon.

  3. Great hunt…. but you need to invest in a tripod to steady ur videos.

  4. Really cool video! congrats! I liked and subscribed, I was wondering if you could hit me back with a sub. I also just shot the buck of a lifetime, if you would like to see it it is on my channel. 🙂

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