Insanity Flyff ~ General Boss Hunting Tips

Insanity Flyff ~ General Boss Hunting Tips


Hello and welcome to a new series! Boss Hunting! Main: Shallus (Seraph)

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  1. how in the world do you get that much HP??? you talk about this stuff as if it's literally nothing, but then again i've played this game for 4 years and got close to nowhere .…the PVE damage on my seraph sucks >.> (just like my life!!!) 'Just Kidding'….but literally this game is like impossible xD

  2. bla bla bla

  3. Omg so rich! Can i get some perin ? lol

  4. you talk to much tho 🙁 20 and more minutes

  5. How are u so rich what have u been doing?

  6. 7k perins, whaa i think drop rate last year is better than now. -.-

  7. How many sluts? 9 sluts

  8. dude can u give mo some of that perin thats too manny 

  9. Jho Louie Ferrer

    do you still playing?

  10. are u a donator ? so much perin and pro eqps

  11. What thing makers you do your c so fast

  12. improve if you press u for the pet click rune socket and it will take off jewelry and armor

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