Is a .410 Enough for Turkey Hunting?

Is a .410 Enough for Turkey Hunting?


With Spring Turkey season just around the corner, we wanted to test the viability of a .410 bore shotgun for turkey hunting. Our Single Shot .410 Shotgun is chambered for up to 3″ rounds and weighs in at under 7 pounds. Let us know what you think about turkey hunting with a .410 in the comments below!


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  1. Someone correct me if I am wrong but isn't the problem with 410 is that the ammo is more expensive than 12 and 20 gauge. Last I looked it was almost twice the price for bulk shells.

  2. Nice Shot Gun And 410 Is Nice For Woman And Kids To Shoot!

  3. Plinkster. There is no comparison of using any form of fire arm to the difficulty of taking a turkey with a bow. A bow is orders of magnitude more difficult. If you want a challenge take a bow into the woods with no blind and harvest a turkey. The space needed to draw the bow, hide the draw cycle and have an alley for the flight of the arrow are just a few of the complications. Now call a bird into that slice of woods. Just getting off a shot is an accomplishment. A .410 might present a firearm hunting challenge but is not even in the same universe of the demands for hunting turkeys with a bow.

  4. Question, I always use 6 shot for Turkey, For me the heavier shot works well, Please post your thoughts I am questioning my thought process

  5. stephane matis

    So this was a Henry 410 using a Standard Invector Full choke. Impressed enough to want to know more what makes TSS ammo tick.
    I for one wish a rifled choke in Standard Invector format existed, and yes, an Extra Full perhaps for even more oomph.

  6. As long as the hunter knows it's limitations there is no reason a .410 couldn't be used. I'M m sure it will be tried too. Every time I take my little H&R .410 with me to a skeet shoot there is a line to try it because of the challenge it presents.

  7. Hunt a turkey put it to the test

  8. Aaron Nicholson

    Great video buddy! I love Henry!!

  9. I watched your video shooting a turkey with a .410 and it didn't seem like a very humane kill.

  10. The American Chauvinist

    I still want a 7mm-08 rem Long Ranger.

  11. Does Henry or any other company make a Pump 22? I want to buy a pump 22 caliber rifle. Just cause I always wanted one. I can't find a new one. All the old ones I find. Have crazy prices. Can you give me any advice? Great video as always, Thanks.

  12. Predator_Magnus

    I would love if Henry could do single shot in an african safari caliber.

  13. I killed my first 3 deer as a kid with a .410 single shot, so I am pretty sure they would do just fine with turkey also!

  14. I'm almost 60, and I've been using .410 exclusively for all small game up to coyotes. It's never failed me.

  15. Wow never would of thought that thanks for the great review and for a new challenge I think iam going to try that this spring

  16. Andrew Marchetta

    Really Plinkster? You're using a recoil sled for a 410? What's wrong with just shooting off a regular rest? Great vid as always tho. Keep plinkin!

  17. rusty shackleford

    The first Turkey i killed was with a 410

  18. Inside 35/40 yards (depending on load) a .410 is a capable game getter.

  19. It works If u do ur part. But I say run 4 shot or 5 or 6 shot. Vs 9 shot. Keep the shot close.

  20. I think it would work just fine

  21. It's fine as long as you know it's limits. Have the 20 inch with pop-up sites and it's great for jackrabbits also. I stay within 25 yards. It's faster than a scope mounted shot gun and is also more of a challenge. Rich

  22. Douglas MacCullagh

    My 410 is the Henry lever action. A challenge? Yes, but that is part of the fun. Thanks for the proof that 410 is practical, too!

  23. turkey, dressing with gravy and mashed taters …yum yum yummy 🙂

  24. It works

  25. I can't wait to get my H001, I'm really trying to decide which I should get for a turkey gun, ( I've never been hunting before and I'm newish to shooting ) but what should I get? I'm going to go for a 20 gauge. I've locked onto the Henry single shot shotgun in 20 gauge $365 no turkey choke, and the Mossberg 500? turkey shotgun in 20 gauge $389 with a turkey choke and in camo. Please help.

  26. WannabeArcher0019

    i was first obviously

  27. WannabeArcher0019

    Also, i think turkey hunting could be done with this just fine, with skill, but i was wondering can the barrels be switched on the Henry Single shot rifles? like can i buy a .44 mag brass one, then switch the barrel for a .308 or another caliber?

  28. It is when it's loaded with 13/16ths of an ounce of #9 TSS, 40 yard lethal 100% of the time if you do your part.

  29. When we going to see a single shot 458 socom or 450 bush master

  30. Im 2nd by 6 seconds

  31. WannabeArcher0019

    I love yall's guns, gonna buy one one day!!

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