It’s Here! Florida Duck Hunting Season-Catch and Cook!

It’s Here! Florida Duck Hunting Season-Catch and Cook!


Duck Hunting Season in Florida is now open! We had a late start on our morning hunt, but we got in an hour hunt and brought some birds home for dinner! (blue wing teals, ring necks, rudy ducks) I try a new recipe and it turns out great!

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  1. you are a awesome young girl with a lovely family…well if you like hunting you should come over to South Africa.

  2. Michael Prevost

    Great video cant wait to try your recipe great job

  3. Brandon Grennan

    Great video Brook! I love how you are able to hunt in a more secluded spot. Where I live we don't have that option however, friends of our family actually own 3 blinds out on the marsh so we are in some good spots. Were definitely blessed and lucky we have those we are able to hunt. Keep up the awesome videos.

  4. Fisherman Hunter

    Damn you’re gorgeous

  5. Florida MarshFox

    Lol merit island

  6. Any good hunter including brook can contact with me ill arrange hunting of all kind or fishing specialy traout fishing my watts app is 00966581209189
    I like to hunt with good friends.

  7. I am hunter also of all kinds of birds and animal if you like to contact with me ill send you also my videos and cooking receipe

  8. I love your receipe of duck cooking

  9. 3/4?

  10. Please post a video of you killing chickens

  11. What lake is that???

  12. Pedro Guerrero

    good job, i was there on that one too, hot hot….

  13. Looks like 3/4?

  14. Vic, you need to marry this gal. Cooks, Fishes, Hunts, & not hard on the eyes.

  15. What happened to the bread??

  16. South Florida Fishing Channel

    sweet channel, subbd.

  17. How great was it to hunt with your dad?

  18. To prevent the meat from spinning when you turn them, buy some flat skewers , just a tip !! And also you can half cook the bacon to prevent raw spots and flare ups !! But I love duck dishes , just don't the chance to eat very much, your a lucky girl !! =)

  19. Good shooting Brook, not a bad start to the 2017 duck season either. Just starting to pickup here in California w/ the birds moving on down from Alaska/Canada. Good job on the meal prep/cook too!

  20. Great vid!!Nothing like father daughter time.You and wife I,am sure are so proud of her.Some lucky guy out there will have a wife that hunts,fishes,dives, cooks.Man what more would you want.Thanks brook your awesome!

  21. Fishing Buddy 360

    Brook just subscribed today and I must say, I'm very impressed! You are not only a great angler, a great chef, but a great hunter as well. I just love women who love the outdoors. Thanks for sharing! Will have to binge watch all your videos now.

  22. tisk tisk shame shame not fair game shooting under power and sitting duck . And you should hunt lox there starting to come down limited out on ringgers and teal today. hunting hours are 30min befor sunrise and out of the water by 3

  23. Brook, your a great outdoorsman

  24. Hey Brooke – have you ever considered using a little handheld metal detector to check for any missed shot in the duck?
    Not sure if this would be helpful or not…. Keep the videos coming!

  25. do anyone know about any type air rifel can be use for duck hunting i also want to hunt them but my local laws dont allow any unded 18 to hunt any animal with shot gun or any other firearm

  26. "Of course I'm watching….No! My eyeballs are closed!" – LOL Brilliant

  27. oye niña lo haces bien

  28. A trick someone showed me on how to find all the bb's is to use a small handheld metal detector. run it over your meat before preparing. it is a cheaper and less painful solution then a trip to the dentist.

  29. duck hunts with your dad are my favorite vids from your channel! feels like a long time coming.

  30. Hi Brook, how far out are those ducks when you shoot? They look like a half mile! Lol
    By the way you looked so petty in that top you had on while cooking the duck.

  31. GirlsHuntToo Vlogs

    Woo Great hunt. Just found your channel

  32. Thank you you guys are making awesome videos and I really like your deep sea videos happy thanks giving everone

  33. Happy 1 year anniversary on yt!

  34. Another great video. You look gorgeous in that hunting outfit!

  35. southernbrit byers

    Where in Florida can u duck hunt without a permit.public land etc.

  36. Sounds like you’re hunting in a refuge

  37. Nathan Weidinger

    Great recipe, do you call to the ducks? I never here any calling in your duck hunting videos.

  38. endurohuntfish

    hi your shooting a 20 gauge if I'm not mistaken ???

  39. Anthony Holmes

    I really enjoy seeing you hanging out with your dad and having a great time. reminds me of the times outdoors with my granddaughter, cant get enough of that.

  40. Good job Brook!

  41. Yummm I love kebabs

  42. Nice vid, i do enjoy your shooting vids as it encourages my daughter and she thinks its cool to do because your doing it. Cheers for the vid and i hope theres more shooting ones to come.

  43. Great to see the duck hunting/cooking videos back young lady. Wish you and your dad a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling season.
    Your season is just starting and your roasting, our season is near over and everything but the rivers are pretty much freezing up.

    We did decent during our 7 day early teal season but the rest of the regular season was pretty much lackluster with just a handful of wood ducks. Not even a mallard this year, most of them learned to stay in the city ponds where they are safe, the geese are a bad influence on them. LOL

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