Job Hunting Tips : How to Make a Job Search Plan

Job Hunting Tips : How to Make a Job Search Plan


You’ve got to have a plan to find a job. Get tips for beginning your job search in this free video clip from a professional job consultant.

Expert: Tine Buechler
Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON.
Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk


  1. Call potential hiring managers? Couldn't you get arrested in today's society because this could be considered stocking. I am being told all applicants must apply through their website.

  2. Tiberiu Bogdan Kiss

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  3. Thomas Lee Recruitment

    Some great advice here, very well put across.

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  4. Very helpful and I will try to do the same once I get my degree and start searching for a job.

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  6. This is a bunch of crap. No where I have ever worked would hire this way and be annoyed that you called.

  7. I am interested,where can i find more information.Any website??

  8. When do people usually start job hunting? After graduate or before?
    In Japan, we have to start in 3rd year student. Otherwise, we can't get a job for life. I hate Japanese society.

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  10. Thank you

  11. epic video resume: /watch?v=b1vVXk4Y19U

  12. point to ponder and this needs to go down in history: "It's the jobs that are the easiest to get that have the crappiest management." -me

  13. I don't know why this has dislikes. She's right on the ball with these tips!!

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  15. TheRecruitmentGuy

    This is a good video to start with


  17. This video doesn't explain very well what you are supposed to say to find the person who is in charge of the hiring.

  18. @bhmmaker Um that is a pretty messed up thing to say. So women that have jobs had to "blow" someone to get their job? And what about all the white men out there that have jobs? Did they get their jobs through magic or something?

  19. there are no jobs out there business owners only hire their friends and family, if anyone. bigger companies usually only want minorities, or with women they have to be ready to get on their knees and blow their employer at a moment's notice. if you aren't either of these you aren't hired.

  20. I hate the expert vilage videos. They are absolutely useless. ALL OF THEM

  21. These people make finding a job sound so difficult. After one short interview I was wearing a Mcdonalds uniform the next day.

  22. Getting a job is a struggle

  23. Too basic! Needs to be more realistic for today's environment!

  24. 25-50 target emplyers ? LOL, passed that within 2 month …

  25. Very good idea ! Thanks.

  26. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah……..all pep-up talk and bullshit.
    The problem here in England is that there are no companies left working to give anyone a job.
    That is why there are 4 million newly unemployed people chasing that one sweep-up job at Kentucky-fried.

  27. I fixed my unemployment problem very quickly. I started my own consulting firm. I am the President and CEO. So now I do all the hiring and firing. But I have a new problem, I don't have any business!!!! LOL HEE HEEE!

  28. RichardMichaelWriter

    My method's pretty much the opposite……

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