Jon Theis- 8 Point Buck- 2013- MN Deer Hunting

Jon Theis- 8 Point Buck- 2013- MN Deer Hunting


Ride along with Jon Theis in Northern MN as he heads out in to the woods by himself at the Deadfall Lodge with his camera and Marlin 30-30.

It took a whole lot of sitting but finally on Saturday morning of the second week of deer camp a nice little 8 point walked in and Jon was able to capture himself taking the buck with his rifle.

Filmed and Edited by Jon Theis of MN Outdoor Media and Entice Media Works.

Music By Jahzzar


  1. johnny saunders

    Nice video but the music needs to go

  2. Hunting Fishing

    I love deer hunting pics I love to keep them on my phone if it is ok with you can you send me deer hunting pics please

  3. does this old man's heart good to see folks still using the old 30-30.  Never a better 100yd cartridge invented in my humble opinion.  Great video.

  4. what were your bullet specs if you remember

  5. Sweet video

  6. Sweet video Jon! Great stuff!

  7. great video! november 7th is almost here! MN deer hunting is the best hunting!

  8. my favorite rifle in my favorite caliber

  9. Nice job, dude.  Great buck and cool video!

  10. Awesome Jon!! Love the MN deer hunting!!

  11. Nice buck can't wait to get my first

  12. NYSoutherntierOutdoors

    nice buck great video! congrats

  13. AULTimate OUTDOORS

    Great video and nice buck man! Congrats!!!

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