Kansas and Kentucky Deer Hunting – Backwoods Life 11.12

Kansas and Kentucky Deer Hunting – Backwoods Life 11.12


Backwoods Life crew members Kathy and Ryan Whitaker hit the woods for whitetail deer and more in their home state of Kentucky and Kansas for some big bucks!
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  1. but did she cut it up?

  2. I wouldve said screw gettin the shot on film.

  3. Ya'all got some great footage for this episode but I ha e NEVER been a fan of SHOOT THROUGH mesh makes for so-so footage and just basically gets in the way! However like your channel alot and look forward to all episodes!

  4. Great job with the kids.

  5. Millan & Martha Ann Beers

    Great video

  6. I would personally like to apologize for the inconsiderate ppl that you experienced. I'm from Ohio originally and sometimes I think Ohioans are nicer. However I've noticed that ppl here get territorial about hunting grounds. Anyway, keep enjoying hunting. I've got a doe and ready to get my buck during rut. Good luck.

  7. Isabella…cute as the day is long. Great shooting!!!!

  8. Dude, it's always windy here in KS. Lol.

  9. Wow! You guys got some nice deer, and it's cool to see the kids getting involved in the sport. I do have a question, how long do you have to collect a deer before the meat goes bad? Thanks in advance!

  10. Great Video!

  11. Hunters, get out and vote.

  12. Triplethreatoutdoors

    Can I get a shout out?

  13. i like that

  14. What backpack is Kathy wearing when she shoots the buck?

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