Kayak Duck Hunting Setup

Kayak Duck Hunting Setup



  1. where to you store the ducks you kill? also what was the original color of the kayak? I have a tan yak, I've been thinking about using the same mesh material.

  2. I was about to ask what you did to insulate yourself from the ice cold water……camping pads, a great idea. I wonder if those heated layout blind pads would work under your rear end?  I am looking into getting a kayak for duck hunting, though I likely won't take much more than a dozen blocks with me at one time, as well as a mojo, and maybe a canada decoy or two. How does this kayak hold up on bigger water?  I would have to play around with it in the summer on my favorite 3000 acre lake, so that in the fall I would feel comfortable in the late season going after diver ducks. Late here sometimes entails getting "iced in" if you take a duck boat out on the last few days of duck season, haha:-)

  3. how did you get the mesh camo to stay secure across the whole kayak?

  4. have you seen the new shallow water anchor swivel stick?
    this may help you out on the water check it out on youtube or swivelstick.net

  5. video of a duck hunt from it

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