Literally, We’re on a DUCK HUNT! – Know Your Moves… in Super Smash Bros.

Literally, We’re on a DUCK HUNT! – Know Your Moves… in Super Smash Bros.


Duck Hunt is one of the WEIRDEST characters added to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Today, we unpack this bizarre retro character and it’s focus on the NES accessory, the Zapper.

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Sources and References:
64IOS for Smash 4 Footage

Ultimate History of Videogames

RelaxAlax Intro and Outro Theme by Alex Scott


  1. kang dedededede

    Sees a jake paul video


  3. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Dr Mario

  4. Brachmin Dunsparce

    hit or miss, I guess you never miss huh.

  5. Piggles Goomshby

    You better DUCK to avoid his attacks !

    I’m sorry

  6. kostas liubertas

    ducc huentd isz bhaddd

  7. do a know your moves on wii fit trainer

  8. Rob didn't have ANY frames. Boom

  9. Why did you edit SSB4 onto that tv?

  10. You know what would have been a neat gimmick for the character? A smash that didn't charge. It's something that drives me nuts in games, guns don't get stronger with attack stats or anything, so just make them fast, but set at a mid level, not super strong so it's not broken, but has a punch, and enough of a delay to make sure it wasn't just spammed

  11. Bolango Red headed Costa for SSBU DLC!

  12. 9:46 where all the dislikes are from.

  13. 10:05 are you watching me while i am watching you because my friends never come online because they always go do fun activities without me

  14. When I was little I thought the skeet shooting game was shooting clouds or UFOs

  15. Getting that close is cheating

  16. Lop Bun In a Bin

    Okay, but…Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley were ALSO referenced in Wii Play’s shooting minigame, which is probably also where some of the models were generally derived. Some, not all, as the last phase is entirely exclusive to Wii Play.

  17. I actually had a Discord tab open

  18. "Rob" inb4 new recurring character.

  19. If you don't like dog hunt final smash name. What would you call his final smash alex?

  20. Alexander Nikoniuk

    Duck Hunt Duo is my pocket.

  21. I'd like to see Snake. Could be pretty easy to make. Maybe make it a double feature

  22. Dracke Stalen Torgen

    So there could be another retro character for Ultimate…I vote for the Tetris block

  23. 3:52 but wasn’t duck hunt on the Wii U virtual console

  24. “just don't get it in my eye”
    why is no one else talking about this wtf

  25. ShyGuy Productions

    Wait, every game has an NES representative…

    Melee – Ice Climbers

    Brawl – R.O. B

    Sm4sh – Duck Hunt

    could excitebiker happen for ultimate?

  26. LudwigVonPhoenix

    12:05 nice timing

  27. D YellowMadness

    Duck Hunt Dog: The Scrappy Doo of video games except not nearly as well known.

  28. Hey Alax, you know when you said the Duck Hunt Dog laughed at you when you accidentally picked Duck Hunt as a kid? Well, that's impossible, because you can't even select a mode to play the game in Duck Hunt without the Zapper in the first place. So… how the hell did that happen if your cousins didn't even have the Zapper?

  29. SWITCH: Add gun MOTION CONTROLS for final smash!!!

  30. All the alternate dogs are actual hunting dog breeds.

  31. Banjo dog costume and kazooie red duck

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