Long Range Hunting. Whats the Best Caliber?

Long Range Hunting. Whats the Best Caliber?


Long Range Hunting. Whats the Best Caliber? Choosing the perfect caliber of rifle may seem challenging to some. There are so many options out there and each specific caliber has its list of pros and cons. Much of this comes down to personal preference and what kind of game you are hunting. We decided to ask the guys at RedRock Precision what their personal favorite calibers are for long range hunting.

Todd from Redrock talks about two of his personal favorites and gives us some insight into why he likes each caliber. There are many opinions out there, feel free to comment and add what your personal favorite is. There is really no right or wrong answer but if you were looking for more insight this may help you make the decision a little easier.


  1. Rooster xdSlinger

    What about the 26 Nosler? I am thinking about rid of my Tikka T3x CTR in 6.5 Creedmoor and my Remington Sendero Genll in 7mm Remmag with the 26 Nosler. I Hunt in the Midwest USA and hope to hunt out west some day. What are you thoughts?

  2. 300 win mag long action 180 grain bullet works for me

  3. Tanner Rienbolt

    I'm a hunter myself but long range hunting takes fair chase away from the animal. It more target shooting than hunting

  4. Still use my .243 win with hand loads, they never need a 2nd shot. But I stay inside 500 yards.

  5. 1225 yards inch and a half…. wtf

  6. i like the 7mm08, i have killed deer out to 600yds.but i am handloading all my rounds..

  7. 308, 25-06 and 270,,need something bigger,,use the 7mm rem mag,,,,,,,

  8. 7mm rem mag is pretty solid… But the best gun is the rifle you know the best. Know your gun.

  9. your 28 nosler is not much more than my 7mm rem mag and I can find Ammo for my 7mm at the store ain't ever seen 28nosler at Walmart lol. I hand load my 7mag just a point for the normal city slickers who don't .

  10. .308 all the way, any day of the week and I'll beat ANY of these "hunters" in regard to marksmanship…  Hunting is so fucked up.  Go to the grocery store or raise cattle, chickens or a hog.  Leave the wildlife alone!  Don't take pleasure in causing unnecessary suffering.  It's only a fair sport when they can shoot back!  And MOST of these "hunters" never been through ANYTHING like that!

  11. Rationalist Society

    303 British with iron sights.

  12. I am a collector I have the 300 weatherby, 7mm, etc but I love my 3006, 270 and 243 they are all around a great caliber. a 270 is just a necked down 3006 like a 243 is a necked down 308, all will shoot 1000 yrds plus you just have to know your dope.

  13. Odd ass caliber. Go with the 308 or 300 win mag. Tried and true.

  14. I like the Mossberg Patriot 308

  15. Nothing like a 300 win mag

  16. My 7mm Rem Mag (Made in Japan, Weatherby Vanguard wood stock – glass bedded stock, Mag-Na-Port, free floated barrel) has not failed me yet.. I live in Maine so there is not much opportunity for long distance shooting, so the 7mm Rem Mag may be a tad overkill.. You're going to laugh but the furthest shot I have had to make on a deer is 80 yards.. Actually a 7mm-08 would have served me just fine.. I bought the 7mm Rem Mag in 1973 when I got out of the Army and everything I have shot with it has stopped dead in their tracks.. I shot at a running deer (35-40 yards) one time and the bullet went through a 1.5 inch Willow tree and dropped him in his tracks.. I used to hand load (1/2 in groups at 100 yards) but 175 grain Remington Pointed Soft Point Core-Lock groups under 3/4" at 100 so that is what I shoot.. And why not, never had to shoot over 80 yards – lol… I also inherited my Dad's, made in Finland, Ithaca 30-06 wood stock, that has put a lot of meat on the table shooting 165 grain hollow point boat-tails..

  17. what about the 6.5×284 norma……….I know that's a great cartridge .

  18. 7stw is a great rifle for long range.

  19. 22-250 with bump fire stock

  20. I'm sticking with my 7mm Rem Mag

  21. 270 and 300 rum , and my Ruger 22 , and lots of practice and good glass

  22. I'll stick with 30-06

  23. Long range hunting is a fad that will fade in short time. Personal opinion. Long range shooting is interesting for the skill it takes to accomplish well. I've seen too many long range kill shots that were gut shot, you can tell from the way the animal reacts. The hunters will never tell you that but I've seen enough animals shot to know better.

  24. "There have been a lot of changes in hunting over the last 10 to 20 years" Yeah, mainly all of the tacticool wanna be's who act like they are hunting ISIS. Seriously, the amount of money I see rolling around on rifles in my area is ridiculous given the max ranges you'll see most of the time(200yds in a lot of my local areas). People seem more interested in spending $2k on a rifle, another $1.3k on optic and mount, and $1k on high-speed clothing rather than the experience of hunting. This is funny considering that just 20 years ago there were people taking the same amount of animals from more humane distances for $1000 total including all gear, gas, and food for a weekend in the woods. I have no problem with people selling their wares, but it 'feels' to me as if I see a lot of people who dump a ton of money at hunting and expect that equates to skill or ability at the end of the day. All of that money and people still back shoot a buck at a bad angle while it's bedded down and post it on youtube…

  25. What caliber is a 6.5 creedmore

  26. 28 Nosler efficient ? way over bore and a ton of powder to do it……not quite efficient…

  27. Nothing beats my 30-30 marlin 5,000yrds

  28. What do you prefer with Elk, 26 or 28 Nosler?

  29. 308. Aurgument over

  30. I guess the guys that aren't real hunters need a gun that they can shoot 1000yds. , thats not hunting its shootimg

  31. I like the good old 30/30 my choice with the amo now
    Thay can get it done

  32. Percyval Jenkins

    Remington 7mm Mag

  33. It limited to 200 yards or so but a 45/70 is hard to beat in penetration and no game animal on this planet can stand against that sooooooo fraught train bullet

  34. Seems to me that long range hunting is a contradiction in terms. Surely, to be as sure as you can be, to take down an animal as quickly as possible would require the hunter to be as near as possible? Go for a steel target at 1000 yds but get skilled and closer to the animal, that has gotta be more fun and fairer to the living creature.

  35. For my long range deer hunting it's a 270 wsm for me.

  36. Carlos Trujillo

    im using a Daniel defense/ambush 6.8 it does the job quiet nice….I really want a 7mm rem mag or 338 lapua but dont know if I want to spend the $ on ammo since I dont hand load and I go to the range quiet often…it would get preaty expensive for me just planking targets for fun….still in debate for my next long range precision riffle…

  37. I believe the point is missed, first & foremost: quality w/ design – that would be a CRF/flat bottom integral recoil lug everything steel including bottom metal, trigger & pos.safe, anything less becomes cheap/junk. Along w/ that ultimate superior design/qualities, naturally is a quality barrel & TOP quality optics & ammo, so you can utilize your choice of caliber accurately AND RELIABLY.

  38. 7 X 57 Mauser was favored by Jack O'Connor. It's even been used to tip over elephants. Not going to burn up barrels, doesn't need a muzzle break, and doesn't have to be moving the speed of light.

  39. You guys all forgot the granddad of most of these round the 7×57 Mauser

  40. How about 7.62x51mm ?

  41. Ck the ballistic on 6.5 creedmoor vs 300 win mag

  42. Nobody showing the .300 weatherby love lol

  43. Lord Rothschild

    Good thing I have a .50 bmg

  44. Jared Thibodaux

    I think I would opt for the 30 Nosler over the 300 Ultra mag, same ballistics in a standard length action (the ultra mag is 3.600") while burning less powder, quality brass costs about the same I see no reason to choose the ultra mag.

  45. What kind of scope are you guys using in this vid?

  46. Joeschmofromcocomo

    Use a bow you pussies

  47. Nice.Shoot!

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