Louisiana Duck Hunting 2017

Louisiana Duck Hunting 2017


We’re proud to be a part of a group of outdoorsmen that not only handle ourselves in a crisis, but use the things we’ve learned in the woods and swamps to help save our neighbors. Duck hunters from all over the country banded together, and we got things done.
With Teal season in sight, and the hurricane Harvy rescue efforts done in SETX, our minds drift back to the upcoming season.
if you’ve never hunted Louisiana, you should make it a point to come to the state and enjoy the laid back folks and incredible food you’ll find here. It’s the Sportsmans paradise…..and we kill a lot of ducks.
We’ve hunted with many of the folks that make up the fabric of Louisiana Duck hunters. Despite the personal and professional affiliations that tend to divide folks in today’s outdoor machine, we still get together because we’re just guys from the state that love the hunt. This year we hope to hunt with a lot more. If you’ve got a great hunt you’d like us to film, just drop us a line and we’d love to capture you and your buddies doing what we all love to do.
Thanks to everyone who was a part of the 2016-17 season, and for showing our country what sportsmen truly are. This is all of last season in just 4min. Enjoy, and we hope to see you all again soon.


  1. Asian Outdoors Survival Channel


  2. Nice good shooting guy

  3. Awesome Video!
    Check out our 2017 Wisconsin Opening day duck hunting video!

  4. Atchafalaya Outdoors

    Cant wait to see what yall come up with this season!

  5. Great video. Gets me pumped for the upcoming hunting season. What decoys do you guys use?

  6. Duck Gun Chronicles

    Excellent filming and editing quality! You are an aspiration to self filming hunters like myself. I hope too someday be on your level sir.

  7. Great video! I hunt in SWLA. Love that Suire's Grocery shoutout! I've had to buy several new belt sizes because of that place! Turtle sauce piquant and a slice of fig cake after a morning duck hunt is about as good as things get, baw!

  8. Absolutely amazing video I live in Louisiana as well

  9. never hunted down in Louisiana, love y'all's vids and I'm just wondering if maybe we could meet up and hunt one day

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