Monster Hunter World | Charge Blade Tutorial

Monster Hunter World | Charge Blade Tutorial


The complete Charge Blade tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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  1. Only been playing for 3 hours so far, and this weapon is by far my favorite.

  2. Can you do one for PC now? I dont understand anyhtingxd

  3. I never knew you could charge your sword. Well I guess I've done it sometimes by accident but I didn't know what it did or how it did it. I've been charging my shield all the time though. Never knew it was so goddamn simple to charge the sword.
    I don't know how much it does but I've been killing stuff like nergigante in less than 5 minutes without even knowing this basic function of the weapon. Well now I know more about the weapon,which is great since I intend to make this my main weapon alongside Gunlance for the PC release tomorrow. Used mainly Bow,insect glaive and Gunlance on the ps4 version but I did really enjoy the charge blade whenever I used it.

  4. this is the best Charge Blade Tutorial, Ty so much!

  5. you are showing to much monster gameplay, PC user here waiting for the game to come out, wanted to learn charge blade and then spoilers come in 🙁

  6. I'm the biggest fucking moron on the planet. I had no idea you could charge the shield

  7. I once charged my shield on accident, and immediately fell more in love with my already favorite weapon, now that I know how to charge my sword as well this weapon is officially the best in the game in my opinion

  8. Kkz your awesome man!

  9. you move along a little too fast for a beginner like me

  10. Glenn Gambitier

    I was like, hmm what weapon do I want to use when this game launch on PC…? 6 min into this video I realise I should move on and keep looking for another weapon! xD

  11. Does anyone know what charge blade he's using in the video?

  12. Too complicated, I'll stick with the dual blades

  13. Arkekkz, every time I press R2 + Triangle to do a guard point I just pull out my axe and do an attack?

  14. Haasith Garapati

    I'm a beginner, so I don't know much about the elements. It seemed like you had the lightning element on your charge blade, but what if I want my elemental moves to have a different element, like dragon or ice? How do you switch elements?

  15. do the elemental attack skills increase the damage of the super discharge?

  16. sword and shield's chad brother

  17. i am confused AF.

  18. This weapon is way too complicated .-.

  19. Hey man. Great guide, but 1 additional point. You don't need to charge your phials to charge your sword. As long as your shield is charged you can keep charging your sword, multiple times even. You literally do not need the phials. But you do need them for the shield. I figured this out myself after watching your video and playing with it (GS main here) but yeah thank you for this video

  20. i hate watching 4 fucking ads during the middle of this video……

  21. I only came here to learn how to store my vail in my shield. Now I'm confused lol

  22. I use every weapon because i get bored of each weapon then go to another one while making a different build with that different weapon. I'm about to fill up my loadout…..

  23. Oh boy. I know more advanced weapons are not recommended for beginners, but damn I wanna fucking main that as my first weapon!

  24. Screw it im going back to hammer

  25. This tutorial was very well done. I wanted to try this weapon out with Dante’s sword and this was a big help! Thank you!!

  26. How to u transfer your Phials to your axe

  27. Alexander Palmer

    Charge Blade, Lance, and Gunlance are my favs…coincidentally they all have a shield. :/

  28. Took me about 2 hours to understand

  29. captain helpful

    Damn, your charge blade video really helped me learn the wep fast man Tnx so much! Note tho, it's written in the weapon controls as well about super ele amp charge and guard point as well as Just TL:DR lol your tutorial is the best!

  30. Abdullah Al- jaber

    So many moves lol

  31. Very nice 🙂 !!

  32. Captain Average

    My brain hurts tryna understand this

  33. 10:55. It woke up dead……

  34. I noticed he said at 7:48 "Pull back and press X." but the input shows pull back + Triangle. I just thought I'd inform in case he wants to re upload and correct it. Unless is the in game input wrong about that?

  35. Friend just got me MHW pre-order for pc, and i decided to go with charge blade, it looks fun, i can tell its hard to master but i love a challenge, and cant wait to super charge slash some monsters for better stuff with friends. ^_^

  36. Jackson Hensley

    All mh blogs who use cb remember to f.a.p. (fill all philes) f.a.p. A lot when using cb

  37. Watching this because this'll be my first MH game and I can't wait for August to try this, the insect Glaive and the sword and shield. This is the kind of game I've always been glancing at but never tried cause I never did own any of the consoles it was available on

  38. Gabriel Tidwell

    I tried and tried it won't work

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