Monster Hunter World [MHW] – The BEST Bow Combos (Guide)

Monster Hunter World [MHW] – The BEST Bow Combos (Guide)


Timestamps in the comments. Use Youtube SPEED Settings (gear icon) to slow vid down to see button prompts better! This time I cover the BOW and its “piercing” shots! Prepare to impale your foes! Test numbers are only to show difference in combo damage, not damage compared to other wpns. Hope you have fun with the weapon! :^]

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  1. Basic/new mechanics: 0:33
    Combo 1: 4:05
    Combo 2: 5:29
    Combo 3: 6:48

  2. What bow did he use?

  3. Does this 6:05 work in the PC version? I've tried it and I couldn't pull that aim lock thing off.

  4. Holy crap mate. Well done.

  5. Hot panty's 😛

  6. free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

  7. Started with hammer n HH, then GS and CB, thought I might switch from the powerhouses to range weapon to test my skills. Thank you for the guide, it helped me not die against nergi 😀

  8. Anyone else feel bad when the kill the kulu-yaku and pukei pukeis? They just look so dopey and stunned.

  9. Can someone tell me what the music is in the background? And thanks to this video, I’ve gotten better with the bow! Thanks bro

  10. what's the scene at 7:558:03?

  11. The melee attack allows you to mount without needing elevation. I’d say that’s pretty useful

  12. Darin The wanderer

    I love da bow main weapon

  13. 3:18 brace jewels exist for this exact reason.
    That said I found Arc Shot is nice as the (really) poor man's flashpod for flying monsters.

    Dragon Piercer is certainly not the best method of applying status effects. A fully charged bow shot will proc the status effect far more frequently than spamming dragon piercer. Tested this out after my friend told me he noticed this.

  14. THICC

  15. SystemOfFantasy

    You had me with the bloodborne reference, Sub 😉

  16. I just made a. Lvl 4 evade window 5 constitution 3 stamina surge 3 evade extender. Low damage but alot of fun

  17. SafeWordWhiskey

    Starting the video off with, Hey the buttons I’m telling you are wrong fix them in your head as I go along with the video. Wtf?? Why can’t you just fix them? Better for one person to struggle than thousands. After I heard this I clicked off and you lost a potential sub, just a heads up.

  18. I'm going to have to disagree with "combo 2" being overall less damage. Dragon Pierce spam effectiveness is very situational, the mobile charge/power shot strat is consistently higher damage as far as actual fights go. Maybe on paper the Dragon Pierce spam is higher numbers but anyone who has played this game for long enough to be getting into advances strats knows that there's no such thing as a Patchwerk fight in this game.


  20. Really don't discount the power of that jump attack. It does mounting damage and can set the monster up for a piercing arrow and that cam do massive damage. Id say ignore it of you're in a group with an insect glaive but if you're solo use it and you can to try and mount the sucker.

  21. First genuinely helpful guide I've seen for MHW that doesn't just assume you know 95% of the weapon's mechanics and how to pull shit off. I played a ton of MHFU and never touched any ranged weapons so trying to find a decent guide for the strategy behind using the bow has been a god damn nightmare. Earned my sub. Keep it up man 🙂

  22. What's the top piece your character is wearing on 2:42? I also thank you for these combo videos, helped me get into the bows.

  23. It's over 9000!!!!

  24. i can't seem to keep a continuous combo 2 going. it'll auto track and shoot only one time but i can't get another dodge or shot. its like i do the dodge, shoot once, then stand there. every time.

  25. Sorry to Say that but Man you miss a lot of great combo

  26. The background music is the worst. Otherwise, good video.

  27. That aiming tip fricken blew my mind. As a Bow main since well down the series this is bliss.

  28. Crookie Monster

    There's a bow whip that you didn't cover instead of the arrow stab if you're directly under the monster it will bow whip them with elemental dammage in the face as long as no coatings are equipped

  29. Insect glaive video coming soon?

  30. Ranged weapons are for pussies, there is no combos, there is only shooting and running

  31. If I run out of power coatings and I still want to hit monsters from a good distance is it better to remove close coatings?

  32. Roberto Gutierrez

    One side note about the melee attack, you can perform it right after a power dodge shot if you spam the melee attack as soon as your power dodge shot goes off. This can enable you to immediately mount a monster after you daze it with the power dodge shot. Great video @PWARGaming.

  33. Whats the number 1 bow right now ? and is blast element pretty good on a bow ? what tree should i invest in if so ? ( for blast or OP Bows )

  34. you missed the Circle, R2, R2, (R2 if 4th charge) DP combo one of the best damaging combos on downed monster, you can even extend it with Circle attacks before the DP.

  35. Another really good combo is either just rt > rt > rt > b > b > b or b > rt > rt > b > b> b and when doing those just add dragon piercer on the end of the combo for me if the monster is distracted or KO'd and it's good because by consecutively shooting any shot it charges to the next level and the by pressing b consecutively afterwards it stays fully charge and gives extra charged damage to the special shots and even dragon piercer if you do it correctly

  36. I……I think I'll Subscribe now…

  37. So the Dragon Piercer is a Cutting Type Move?

  38. I m just using the tobi kidachi alpha gear and it's fine

  39. aBeardedSpartan

    Anybody know what the glowing green hood is around 1:40? New to this epicness

  40. That pun.. fucking… that fucking pun.

  41. If your team mates are using brace gem the spike balls do not affect them so everyone is happy.

  42. Raffaele Maruccio

    I'm also a bow addicted. Just one question….Have water e ice bow produce same effect right? What i mean is strong vs fire weak vs acqua and ice monster

  43. @PWARGaming, Why would tittle the video the best bow combos and give us a tutorial on how to use the bow? Very misleading sir.

  44. This is isn't optimal only meh range. 😛

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