MONSTER Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary

MONSTER Wild Boar Hunting in Hungary


Realtree Global Hunting – Team Wild’s Ian Harford is back in Hungary and he’s after another monster boar. Hungary’s greatest hunter, Zoltan Olah, is on hand to track the porky pests, and, with both of them decked out in the ever-reliable Realtree AP pattern, the boar had better have their wits about them should they want to stay out of Ian’s sights…

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  1. What's up with you Brits? They aren't going to wait forever. Shoot before I fall asleep. Too much talking. Just make some bacon."beautiful animal" It's a HOG!

  2. Most of my family live there

  3. the chaoticgoose4207

    If theres a monster here you are so stop saying monster boar you monster

  4. What this caliber?

  5. Naftalia Ginting

    Gk ada pacar km tembak ny dia mau

  6. I do not mind hunting for food but hunting for sport and not eating it I don't like it

  7. Does it hurt them

  8. Micheal K Outdoors

    Seems like it would be handy to have a brush gun like 44 mag or 45-70 in that forest

  9. Too much drama

  10. what is the name of the music at the beginning of the video? Thanks

  11. Are you fuckin hunting or talking you dumb shit…..??? What the fuck… Talk alot no shooting.. Fuck off

  12. So you aim while somebody is in front of you??? Do that in my country and you will never pass your huntingtest…

  13. I want go hunting

  14. Y'all have a lot of hills in hungary

  15. I love hunt

  16. sounds like fucking gordan ramsay

  17. Fabrice de Schepper

    Talk less and gunt more pleas

  18. punahkan babi

  19. 7 whole minutes not shooting boar

  20. you guys suck just shoot the boar thats it

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