Mule Deer Hunting 2016

Mule Deer Hunting 2016


Public Land, Controlled Mule Deer Hunt in Unit 14 Idaho. What a fun and successful weekend with my 11 yr old in the great state of Idaho!


  1. was this on public or private?

  2. Nice buck and glad you took your son along for the experience, but you shouldn’t have taken that shot.

  3. You guys are over the mountains from Grangeville I believe right

  4. Awesome video bud!!

  5. Your kid rock's and you are a great dad for taking him on an adventure.

  6. high-mt-wyoming

    Thanks for info–how is the trigger? Can you adjust yourself the pull weight of trigger down to 2lb.

  7. high-mt-wyoming

    what rifle and caliber? KImber ascent?

  8. ThunderMountain Tactical

    Great job guys! Nice buck and a great shot.

  9. These are the shots we are told not to take in hunters ed. Nice buck regardless.

  10. Good thing the deer was not on the crest of a hill or anything…nice back stop! Atleast no one got killed….Nice buck anyway.

  11. Nice Mule Deer. have your son learn how to move the camera slower and hold it still while filming.

  12. Kid not very good at filming

  13. Thanks for sharing your adventure!! Nothing better than being on the mountain with your kids!! That's a great buck and your son did a fine job of recording the moment and the excitement!! Real and raw….doesn't get any better than that!!

  14. Made me smile!

  15. Best part: hunting with your son and the joy he had when you dropped that nice buck. Congrats…

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