My Deer Hunting Pistol 2018 : Custom 10mm Glock 40 “Hunter”

My Deer Hunting Pistol 2018 : Custom 10mm Glock 40 “Hunter”


Stonebridge Gunworks has produced some amazing custom guns. The Glock 40 “Hunter” in 10mm is what I will be deer hunting with this year. Stonebridge Gunworks has customized this awesome deer hunting pistol and now we get the chance to try it out.

My deer hunting rifle

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Thank you Stonebridge Gunworks for loaning us this great custom 10mm deer hunting Glock 40

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  1. Sure ain't no walther ppq trigger lol

  2. Nice pistol. I love my G40. What ammo do you use for hunting?

  3. I wonder how many fish floated to the top?…….that pistol is beautiful

  4. workingmansdead 44

    looks like a smooth hard hitter,Im a little sketchy about using a semiauto pistol regardless of caiber for game,though.

  5. I really like Your take on all things God, family, guns. Pray for a guy named Frank.

  6. Love the 10mm too

  7. Андрей Циников

    Nice gun.

  8. A barrel a trigger and a red dot ? I don't understand what they did that you couldn't have? probably much cheaper…

  9. My deer hunting pistol is the Ruger Super Redhawk in 10mm with a 6.5 inch barrel. I had considered getting it in 44 Magnum with a 9.5 inch barrel, but my LGS sold the one they had the day before, but they did have it in 10mm. I retired to my pickup to watch some videos on 10mm handguns and the Super Redhawk in particular. I also reflected on my age, I just turned 69, how it felt when I fired a few rounds from my older brother's snubby 357 Magnum, and decided that I don't need to punish myself like that anymore. My LGS threw in a carton of American Eagles, so after I installed a Hi-Viz front sight and a 2x6x32 Simmons Pro Hunter stainless scope I did a little shooting … until I ran out of bullets. Yeah, it was a lot of fun to shoot. Felt recoil, because of the Super Redhawk's mass, felt about like shooting my old H&R Model 929 nine shot 22LR revolver with a 6 inch barrel, so I could have bought the 44 Magnum and not suffered for it. That said, I am glad that I bought it in 10mm because now I can justify buying the Ruger PC Carbine in 10mm and the Ruger SR1911S in 10mm and … Everyone knows that you can't have an orphan caliber – you have to have at least two firearms in any caliber you have. The reason I want a Ruger PC Carbine in 10mm is because I bought the PC 9 Carbine and discovered how much fun it is. And it takes the same magazines that my Ruger SR9 and two SR9Cs take, AND ProMag makes a great 32 round SR magazine, so I bought four – two for the PC Carbine and one each for my pickup and Jeep Grand Cherokee. My hope is that Ruger will come out with an SR10 pistol and the PC 10 Carbine together.

    So while your souped-up Glock 10mm sounds like a great deer pistol, I have that area covered with my Super Redhawk in 10mm – the BEST millimeter … that's even better coming out of a Ruger.

  10. Beautiful firearm. I want to get into pistol hunting and this looks like a great choice.

  11. DeltaForce Reviews

    Love 10mm

  12. Jerry Johnson II

    Absolutely an awesome Glock 10mm Sir and thanks for showing me this. God Bless you and your family

  13. My Dan Wesson .44 Magnum custom can take deer. God Bless all!

  14. Moved from ca to wa in July living in a moter home. Need to get past a few late pays on our old second mortgage. To get a new home. Have a wife, a 3 y 6 months old and a 1 year 7 month old. Any prayer help will be appreciated thank you in advance. And God bless

  15. I'd rather spend my money on a coonan then bother doing all the work it takes to make a Glock worth shooting

  16. Accurate placement of the first shot kills more game animals cleanly than a burst of pray an spray
    Having a semiautomatic is great for multiple targets watched a fellow drop 6 deer with a 44 mag desert eagle one right after the other they were going down a fence row none of them traveled far after the shot

  17. How is the recoil compared to say a 6" bbl Smith in .44 Mag. ?

  18. Hey Mark, I'll be at the KCI Expo center this weekend.
    It'd be great to see you there.

  19. I'm starting to think Missouri doesn't issue enough deer tags because the deer population is growing out of control.

  20. Beautiful pistol !
    I'm anxiously waiting for your 10mm video

  21. I love your channel pal but Glocks are for weenies.

  22. Now that is really cool. Congrats!

  23. That looks like an awesome pistol! I have the regular G40 MOS and I really like it already. I've been debating about the red dot.

  24. A .357 Derringer works great when hunting deer in a elevator. 😉

  25. Nothing more fun than quick drawing a Buck. slap leather..gotta be fast. 😉

  26. Beautiful gun good luck hope you harvest a good size deer with it love your channel god bless

  27. guns action الرداعي

    Thank you

  28. Thank's for posting but I am not a fan of plastic guns (polymer), give me cold hard steal
    anytime. Sending up prayers for You, your family Church & School.

  29. A Remington XP-100 would make a great deer pistol. Single shot but very accurate and powerful!!

  30. thats one man sized glock its the recoil it looks like it would hit hard to .what the fps and ft lbs with the longer barrel?

  31. I can only imagine that even in a tree stand you wear a suit coat.

  32. I love that gun I have no experience with those type of sites but I would learn LOL if you're not too busy 180 grain Black Talon out of a 686 6 inch barrel do the trick from a tree stand looking down I have never tried it, hunting with a pistol that is

  33. Excellent choice! Glock all week!

  34. That is an awesome Pistol, and well, you have plenty of follow up shots hahaha. God bless, keep them coming. Might have to get one of these to keep propped up by my front door hahaha.

  35. Wow!!!! Nice!!!!

  36. I have this same gun
    Love it.

  37. .357magnum here. and ZERO kills…other than grill on my car. got me a 13 point ~200lb buck with 76 ford pinto (like hitting a concrete wall). the buck was still alive, but killed the pinto. i love your unabashed love of god and your outlook. good vid!

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