My Hunting Rifles.MTS

My Hunting Rifles.MTS


I had a recent trip out West in search of feral pigs and dogs. I saw evidence of both but they alluded me. I thought you might like to see my 2 favorite rifles. Because of our government dictatorship, we are now longer allowed to own semi-autos and I miss ’em. Never give up your rights to own and use firearms.


  1. Jackal's Outdoor Channel

    @MrMapex2010 Ha… no worries… =D

  2. Fuck its good to hear a fellow aussie for once. Get jacked of it always being the yanks getting in on the action. Great vid

  3. Jackal's Outdoor Channel

    @CottenCandyFckTart I always try and keep it safe mate and yes I love my CZ.. I think one of the reasons we love them here in Oz is firearms are ridiculously expensive here thanks to our federal government. CZ represented good value for money… I have found the .17HMR to perform well above it's weight…

  4. I heard you aussies liked the czs as well….good i love mine. good hunting and as always keep it safe

  5. Jackal's Outdoor Channel

    @Ballisticdrill Thanks mate. The CZ is very well balanced and you're 100% right.. looks great.

  6. Nice. I've always loved the traditional look of wooden stocked rifles, and your CZ is a excellent example. Practically though, I love the polymer stocks and stainless barrels that have come out over the last decade or so, just so easy to look after.

  7. Jackal's Outdoor Channel

    fix it… =D

  8. Jackal's Outdoor Channel

    I'm not sure what happened to the audio!

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