New Zealand duck hunting

New Zealand duck hunting


bit of a duck shooting video I slapped together with bits and pieces of footage filmed over the season. I got side tracked and didn’t get all the filming done that I wanted. deleted some by mistake… enjoy


  1. hunter gatherer haaard bro mean vids

  2. i ment james

  3. jame you are so cool mate keep it up

  4. What year

  5. this is so crazy job i got scarred of hunting  duck

  6. shaquille french

    bro you should do some pig hunting
    love your stuff though bro

  7. was that Tui Teka at the end…bloody legend,love the vids too champ keepem comin

  8. Love it. Subbed.

  9. Yarik Andersson


  10. primo video man, keep up the good work!! ure closing w/end was like our opening one haha

  11. Great dogs, looks like fun! Cant wait to get back to NZ.Thanks for the awesome videos mate! Need more to watch now, I've seen em all …

  12. Awesome video mate. Making me home sick, I'll be back home every opening weekend though.

  13. Nice one mate! Ive been carrying a handful of stones in the pocket for that reason, bloody dog kept bringing back deeks or sticks!

  14. Josh James Kiwi Bushman

    Bloody good idea, look for Josh James NZ Bushman on facebook and you will find me

  15. You should make a facebook page for this channel, where you post tips, stories and tell us when you upload new videos

  16. Dood, that's great video. Friggin funny!

  17. man duck numbers have plummerted all over nz this year up here in northland we can shoot paries in feburary for 1 weekend last year we shot 58 this year 18 gutted

  18. must be hard focusing on shooting with those hot chicks diving in the pond

  19. nice work mate

  20. Michael Mdivani

    Good job!
    Keep up!!

  21. $5.30 a pop "outstanding"

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