Ninja Gets His Longest Hunting Rifle Shot (275M) | Fortnite Highlights & Funny Moments

Ninja Gets His Longest Hunting Rifle Shot (275M) | Fortnite Highlights & Funny Moments

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Ninja sees a skybase and goes for a shot with the hunting rifle. Not only it is a headshot but according to Ninja it is also his longest sniper shot ever!

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  1. Angel Rodriguez

    Mine was 279 with a bolt

  2. Mine is 271m with sniper

  3. mines hunting rifle 293

  4. 265 just now I looked this up, I guess that’s why he’s the best

  5. 789

  6. bro I have 378

  7. Lol mine 278 with hunting rifle

  8. Roberto Terrazas

    I did 270 hunting

  9. Why can his 275 get featured but not mine

  10. 276m hunting rifle

  11. My nicknames Shadow


  12. My longest snipe was 143m with a blue hunting rifle

  13. I hit 284m with hunting rifle

  14. Mine is 278 with the hunting rifle

  15. This day I noscopt a people with huntingrifle 98m

  16. Liam Leger Leger

    today i got 265 with hunting rifle

  17. Mine is 350 m with bolt and 286 with hunting

  18. I got a 275m too with a hunting rifle

  19. -Arctic GalaxyWolf-

    Mines 350

  20. Daan Made in Holland

    thats not a record. i hited that also but he proberly hited some one walking and that would be nice

  21. That’s my boy getting sniped lol

  22. 10:00 lol vanoss's friends playing with ninja instead of him

  23. SPaCe-Painter- YT

    I had 280

  24. Watch my latest vid I got a 274 meter snipe with hunting rifle at 58 seconds

  25. Mine is 280m hunting rifle and 287m with bolt

  26. My longest snipe is 344 meters

  27. My longest snipe ever is with a hunting rifle, 297 meters

  28. but the bullet drop is alot easier to control because he was high up, tbh it would be truly impressive if he was on level ground Ninja

  29. TimTheTatMan is getting really good

  30. I hit a 296 with hunting rifle

  31. ive got longer than what with a hunting rifle though

  32. IsUcKaTgAmEs 523

    My noob brother got a 277 m hunting rifle shot…

  33. I got a 274m snipe with hunting rifle and it was across tilted towers! I freaked out! I headshoted him when he was in a base high up and he peaked exactly when I shot!

  34. Cole Meierhofer

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I didn’t get clickbaited
    Wow that’s new

  35. Hunter TheGreat

    My biggest is 200m in 50v50 with the hunting rifle on console . Hunting rifle is literally my favorite .. I always ditch a bolt for it

  36. I got 276 with hunting rifle lol i got screenshot

  37. Regular Sunshine

    I watched it live

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