Oh Deer! White-Tailed Deer Biology

Oh Deer! White-Tailed Deer Biology


Find out more about white-tail deer behavior, life cycle, and population changes in the USA.

This beautiful STEM video brings to life core ideas from the Next Generation Science standards. See blogs.cornell.edu/naturalistoutreach and NYS 4H STEM pages for guides and worksheets on deer and other topics. This video is a co-production of Dr. Linda Rayor, the Ithaca College Park Media Lab, and NYS-4H.


  1. thank u for the informahen for my report

  2. Redneck Central

    They are obvious at winter,like a candle in the dark

  3. Walker the Stalker

    Black tail and mule deer are two different species. I’m there natural predator. Also they aren’t hard to find in winter watch my video! Here’s another fun fact they taste good!! Nice job on the facts and presentation though.

  4. Rosa'sMusicAndMore

    thanks i needed that for sience

  5. Good presentation, ladies. Thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm! However, I have to throw my 2 cents at you. Mule deer are a different species than the black tail deer of the Pacific Northwest and the red color in the white tail deer during late Spring and Summer is hair; with the primary purpose of protecting them from insects and other such critters…not camo. The hair falls out as fall approaches and the hair follicles, now hollow tubes, serve as an air barrier to assist in insulating them from the cold and dampness. You are absolutely correct in their fall/winter coat providing excellent camouflage. Thank you for sharing your knowledge along with some great photos and footage.

  6. Springtraplover 14

    omg i watched this at school

  7. Great video. Doesn't matter whether hunter or not. Respect and knowledge of animal and all of nature comes first.
    If you do not have that walk, listen, see and learn.
    Always be careful and prepared.
    Once again great video. Gives me hope and faith in humanity.

  8. Do they realize that most of us watching this video are hunters

  9. Mulies and Columbia Blacktail are two separate species.

  10. Nice presentation!! I like the way the info was mixed with photos and short videos. Thank You!

  11. These two young ladies did a great job of providing facts about deer and did not interject anti-hunting spin or etc. One thing they should have mentioned is that deer herds have benefited greatly through the combined management of the DNR and the huge funds raised by ethical hunters spending millions of dollars on licenses and participating in groups like deer hunter associations. Thanks again for a great video.

  12. That was jam packed with accurate facts. Well done!

  13. Nice video. <3

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